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Protection From Looters

It’s an unfor­tu­nate real­i­ty that there will be loot­ers any kind of major emer­gency. What they’re after may change with the sever­i­ty and type of emer­gency, but their inten­tions are the same uni­ver­sal­ly. To take advan­tage of the chaos in order to take things that…

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Personal 2013 Year in Review

2013 was an inter­est­ing year for me.  I did­n’t blog as much as I have blogged in the past, and I think that was appar­ent to every­one.  I prepped less this year than I have in the past.  In fact by com­par­i­son to the past sev­er­al years, it was most­ly nonex­is­tent.  So…

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