What preparedness blogs are talking about can vary wildly by topic. Some are simply websites with tips on what to pack when going on a two-week trip, while others have entire sections dedicated to full-on disaster preparedness for the world as a whole. But whichever type of preparedness blog you choose, there are a number of them out there for you, we guarantee it. The ultimate goal of any preparedness blog is to help their readers become prepared for whatever Mother Nature or some nefarious evildoer decides to toss our way.

Here are some of the best preparedness blogs that we think you should always read when you have the time IMHO.

These preparedness blogs are great for getting ideas and sharing information from experts in your field. Whether it’s tips on emergency food storage and preparation, emergency energy supply, or building survival skills, there are all kinds of different preparedness blogs out there covering just about any area that you could possibly consider prepping for. Best of all, the entries on most of these sites are often updated daily for you to make sure that you’re staying up to date on the newest and best survival skills and methods out there!

Here is a shortlist of other fantastic blogs out on the InterWebs…