It’s an unfortunate reality that there will be looters any kind of major emergency. What they’re after may change with the severity and type of emergency, but their intentions are the same universally. To take advantage of the chaos in order to take things that doesn’t belong to them. On top of that there are many cases of injury or even death involved with looting. So what can you do as a prepared home owner in order to keep looters away from you and your family? There are a few simple things that everyone can do in order to drastically reduce their chance of being looted.

Keep valuables out of sight

One of the easiest and most effective things to do to fight against looters is to not have your valuables in plain sight. While this may seems very obvious, there are plenty of people that keep these kinds of things on display. Try to think about it from the standpoint of the looter. They want to get in and get out quickly with as many valuables as they can carry. They don’t want to spend time rummaging through your home or shelter, especially if they’re under the impression that you’ll be returning soon.

Secure your home

Making sure that your home or shelter is secure should be your first priority. Many thieves have no problem with trying each and every door and window to your home to see if it’s unlocked. It’s an easy score if it is.

Also, if you aren’t facing an emergency where the power is down for an extended period of time then a home alarm system is a wonderful asset. The cameras and alarms will help give you peace of mind and the signs outside your place of residence is usually enough to deter looters. In the unfortunate event that you are at home when the looters arrive then an alarm system could give you a few extra vital seconds of preparedness.

Furred friends

But what if the power is down? While alarm system signs do help keep the looters out, if they know the power is out then a sign won’t be as effective. Instead, think about getting a dog. They fill many of the same functions as a security system, minus the cameras of course. But it’s an extra pair of friendly eyes. Most dogs will bark at strangers, especially if they are entering their territory. Also, unlike alarm systems, dogs will also keep you company through the hard times. They are fiercely loyal and loving.

Vigilantism isn’t necessary

Keeping a low profile is the key when it comes to a real emergency. While many people fantasize over a lawless country or a reconstruction of society, the reality of it is a grim one. If someone comes into your home with the intent of harming you or your loved ones, then a use of force is not only expected but necessary. However, people going out and looking for trouble or trying to “clean up the streets” is just as scary as looting.  Survival should be your number one goal in an emergency and going out looking for trouble or trying to be a superhero is something that is a great way to ensure that your survival doesn’t happen.
Bio: Naomi Broderick is a prepper author working with Protect Your Home, who provides ADT security systems Bakersfield California.  She is a stay at home mother with three young boys, and she enjoys the prepping lifestyle among folk from all walks of life.

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