It’s an unfor­tu­nate real­i­ty that there will be loot­ers any kind of major emer­gency. What they’re after may change with the sever­i­ty and type of emer­gency, but their inten­tions are the same uni­ver­sal­ly. To take advan­tage of the chaos in order to take things that doesn’t belong to them. On top of that there are many cas­es of injury or even death involved with loot­ing. So what can you do as a pre­pared home own­er in order to keep loot­ers away from you and your fam­i­ly? There are a few sim­ple things that every­one can do in order to dras­ti­cal­ly reduce their chance of being loot­ed.

Keep valu­ables out of sight

One of the eas­i­est and most effec­tive things to do to fight against loot­ers is to not have your valu­ables in plain sight. While this may seems very obvi­ous, there are plen­ty of peo­ple that keep these kinds of things on dis­play. Try to think about it from the stand­point of the loot­er. They want to get in and get out quick­ly with as many valu­ables as they can car­ry. They don’t want to spend time rum­mag­ing through your home or shel­ter, espe­cial­ly if they’re under the impres­sion that you’ll be return­ing soon.

Secure your home

Mak­ing sure that your home or shel­ter is secure should be your first pri­or­i­ty. Many thieves have no prob­lem with try­ing each and every door and win­dow to your home to see if it’s unlocked. It’s an easy score if it is.

Also, if you aren’t fac­ing an emer­gency where the pow­er is down for an extend­ed peri­od of time then a home alarm sys­tem is a won­der­ful asset. The cam­eras and alarms will help give you peace of mind and the signs out­side your place of res­i­dence is usu­al­ly enough to deter loot­ers. In the unfor­tu­nate event that you are at home when the loot­ers arrive then an alarm sys­tem could give you a few extra vital sec­onds of pre­pared­ness.

Furred friends

But what if the pow­er is down? While alarm sys­tem signs do help keep the loot­ers out, if they know the pow­er is out then a sign won’t be as effec­tive. Instead, think about get­ting a dog. They fill many of the same func­tions as a secu­ri­ty sys­tem, minus the cam­eras of course. But it’s an extra pair of friend­ly eyes. Most dogs will bark at strangers, espe­cial­ly if they are enter­ing their ter­ri­to­ry. Also, unlike alarm sys­tems, dogs will also keep you com­pa­ny through the hard times. They are fierce­ly loy­al and lov­ing.

Vig­i­lan­tism isn’t nec­es­sary

Keep­ing a low pro­file is the key when it comes to a real emer­gency. While many peo­ple fan­ta­size over a law­less coun­try or a recon­struc­tion of soci­ety, the real­i­ty of it is a grim one. If some­one comes into your home with the intent of harm­ing you or your loved ones, then a use of force is not only expect­ed but nec­es­sary. How­ev­er, peo­ple going out and look­ing for trou­ble or try­ing to “clean up the streets” is just as scary as loot­ing.  Sur­vival should be your num­ber one goal in an emer­gency and going out look­ing for trou­ble or try­ing to be a super­hero is some­thing that is a great way to ensure that your sur­vival doesn’t hap­pen.
Bio: Nao­mi Brod­er­ick is a prep­per author work­ing with Pro­tect Your Home, who pro­vides ADT secu­ri­ty sys­tems Bak­ers­field Cal­i­for­nia.  She is a stay at home moth­er with three young boys, and she enjoys the prep­ping lifestyle among folk from all walks of life.

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