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After a year or so of the site being down, we’re slowly relaunching it with all the old content, and writing new content.  It’s been well over a year since I’ve done any prepping, and recently started again.  Updates over the last 18 months are, Ms. Prepper is now Mrs. Prepper, and there’s the addition of Baby Prepper, too…  I feel like it’s all new again, and I’m learning from scratch…

The Winter EMP Theory

Well, winter is coming to the northeastern US.  It's getting colder here in NJ and any day the temperature could go down to below freezing, stay there for the next few months and pile us up with snow and ice.  I'm thinking about this because I was just on Facebook in...

Character Matters

In considering to form a survival group or just simply who you would allow to shelter with you in an SHTF/WROL emergency there are many articles, videos, books etc that discuss the type of people to seek for inclusion in such a group: A mechanic, a doctor/nurse/EMT, a...

Jade Helm: Another Perspective

By now if you’re a prepper (and even if not) you pretty much have to been living in a cave or under a rock not to have at least heard of Jade Helm. But for the benefit of anyone reading this who hasn’t very briefly Jade Helm is a very large scale military exercise...

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