Review of the Timber Wolf “Blazin” Bowie Knife

Review of the Timber Wolf “Blazin” Bowie Knife

Last fall I wrote a post about three budget knives you might want in your pack because they were inexpensive.  Last weekend, I had the chance to bring one of them camping as we openend up the campsite for the season.  Prior to going I gave the Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie... Read more

Replace Your Batteries

I started this last night, but was so tired, I just couldn’t finish it… Batteries: This is a simple one, right?  Everyone thinks so.  Heck, I think so.  I sort of pride myself on keeping on top of things even if I let them slip.  Well, I let them slip.  It... Read more

The Mobile Washer

So, I just got my Mobile Washer.  Primarily I purchased it for camping trips next year so that I could wash the smoke and body odors out of my clothes while camping for a few days, and decrease the number of clothing items I bring.  It looks like a nifty little item... Read more