Back to the Basics

I’ve been prepping for about 18 months now and have kind of lost the spark that drives me to keep going. I really have not done anything for the past two months other than listen to The Survival Podcast and some other “small” projects (subject of... Read more

Hydration for Children, by ShaneTheNurse

One of the common mistakes that people make is to treat a dehydrated child in the same manner as a dehydrated adult. For a child that is severely dehydrated this will most likely mean death. I have been an ER nurse since the 1990’s and I cannot tell you how many times... Read more
Hydration for Adults, by ShaneTheNurse

Hydration for Adults, by ShaneTheNurse

We have all heard the phrase “hydrate or die.” unfortunately most Americans fail to heed this advice.  When I was working the Arizona desert I noticed an increase in the incidence of pulmonary embolisms. So I did a small study and found that every single person was... Read more