We’re a group of sub­ur­ban prep­pers in the North­east and live in the NYC sub­urbs that write The Sub­ur­ban Sur­vival Blog to talk about pre­pared­ness and self-reliance out there to help oth­ers pre­pare for what could be an uncer­tain future due to eco­nom­ic, weath­er, and oth­er rea­sons.

With the eco­nom­ic cli­mate, polit­i­cal issues, and the uncer­tain future of our coun­try going for­ward, we became very con­cerned about our own futures.  As we researched and learned, we real­ized we were not the only ones. We’ve spent (each) more than a decade or so prepar­ing for our own uncer­tain future.

This blog rep­re­sents much of what we’ve learned and con­tin­ue to learn.  Our phi­los­o­phy’s of prep­ping and sur­vival in the urban and sub­ur­ban areas dif­fer based on our demo­graph­ics and geo­gra­phies.  We are those that work hard (and I am sure every­one does), and like the sub­ur­ban lifestyle, and dream of the rur­al change we can make it.  But, this change comes with a price, as we are invest­ed in the sub­urbs with mort­gages, fam­i­lies, bills, and those that are addict­ed to the urban and sub­ur­ban lifestyle, etc.  This comes with its own chal­lenges, and those chal­lenges are the skill sets we either do not pos­sess because we were not brought up with them, and must learn them, we are com­plete­ly igno­rant to them and must research, learn, and prac­tice them, or in some cas­es had com­plete­ly for­got­ten them.

Wel­come to the Sub­ur­ban Sur­vival Blog, we’re hap­py to have you here, and hope what we say makes some sense to you.