fish_mox_forteTwo weeks ago I traveled for work.  Over the weekend, I felt myself starting to feel like crap.  By Monday I felt like I had strep throat and bronchitis.  having both of them in the past I basically self diagnosed.  I was going to dive into my stash of Amoxicillin, however, as a prepper, I also keep a stash of Fish Mox Forte, which are 500mg Amoxicillin capsules for getting rid of the bacteria in a fish tank.  Knowing I have taken stronger Amoxicillin in the past for both strep and bronchitis, I thought I might try an experiment.  I would take a 10 day cycle of Fish Mox Forte instead of going to the doctor or taking my generic Amoxicillin pills.  If I got worse instead of better, I would hightail it to the doctor and get better treatment than my self diagnosis.

Well, started my Fish Mox Forte cycle last Wednesday.  Tomorrow is seven days on the cycle.  Personally, I feel 110% better, and by day four of the cycle, I finally rolled out of bed and felt much better.  I didn’t treat myself any differently, other than making a big pot of soup.  I still worked 8 – 10 hours a day, I packed over the weekend (as I am moving in about five weeks) and continued life as usual.  Well, with the exception I probably went to bed an average of 30 – 60 minutes earlier each evening.

Now, I bought this bottle of Fish Mox Forte two to three years ago.  It has been sitting in a base medical kit for some time.  I bought it off of and cannot even find it listed there today.  I credit the lack of availability with all you preppers out there that bought it and are storing it up.

My point here is that it does work, rather it worked for me.  I caution you though, that you should have a diagnosis for whatever it is ailing you prior to using it.  I am not a doctor. I don not play one on TV, and I am not one in real life.  I used what I have read over the years, and knowing my own body to diagnose and medicate myself.  I offer NO medical advise in this post.  This is simply a recap of what I did to squelch the illness that was bringing me down.

Raise your hand and let me know if you have used Fish Mox to self medicate, and what you may have used it for…

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