BTB Part 2 — Food

Last week, I dis­cussed water stor­age and what I my prepa­ra­tions are in this area. This post will dis­cuss my food stor­age preps and how I approach the issue. This is a much more com­plex sub­ject because every­one eats dif­fer­ent food and... Read more

Back to the Basics

I’ve been prep­ping for about 18 months now and have kind of lost the spark that dri­ves me to keep going. I real­ly have not done any­thing for the past two months oth­er than lis­ten to The Sur­vival Pod­cast and some oth­er “small” projects (sub­ject of future... Read more

PrepperJim: A Time for Thanks

In life, there is a time for every­thing. There is a time for a boy to become a man or a girl to become a woman. There is a time when the last frost has passed and it is time to put seeds in the ground. There is a time to work hard and a time to relax. There is a time... Read more

Argentina, Fascism after Default

I reviewed Fer­nan­do Fer­fal Aguir­re’s book last post and he has a lot of fol­low-up posts on his blog. Also time­ly are some arti­cles from Paul Krug­man and Megan McAr­dle regard­ing Argenti­na’s default and how great it was for... Read more
Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

I recent­ly heard of a man called Fer­nan­do “Fer­fal” Aguirre from Jack Spirko over at The Sur­vival Pod­cast. Fer­fal is from Argenti­na and has lived through their eco­nom­ic crash from Decem­ber 2001 until today. He wrote a booked about his expe­ri­ence... Read more