In life, there is a time for every­thing. There is a time for a boy to become a man or a girl to become a woman. There is a time when the last frost has passed and it is time to put seeds in the ground. There is a time to work hard and a time to relax. There is a time to plan and a time to exe­cute the plan. This is the time of year when we count our bless­ings while for­get­ing our woes.

For me, I am thank­ful for many things this year.  Both my wife and I are healthy as are our two cats and one dog. Both our com­pa­nies are doing well and busi­ness is strong. Our extend­ed fam­i­ly is also healthy and appear eco­nom­i­cal­ly pros­per­ous, giv­en the hor­ri­ble econ­o­my.

As to prep­ping, we are nev­er where we want to be. Regard­less, a lot of progress has been made this year. I put up > 50 of food and > 20 days of water, with the abil­i­ty to col­lect and fil­ter even more water. For secu­ri­ty, I feel my weapons and ammo are at good lev­els and the secu­ri­ty sys­tem final­ly got installed. I took a first aid course, dis­as­ter pre­pared­ness course as well as ful­ly stocked sev­er­al first aid kits. The gen­er­a­tor and gas stores are at tar­get lev­els and refeshed. There are two lev­els of back­up heat options and one cool­ing option. In the finan­cial area, I pur­chased phys­i­cal sil­ver as well as put away cash in the bank and safe deposit box. If we need to evac­u­ate, we have a much bet­ter vehi­cle this year along with the sup­plies nec­es­sary to be effec­tive (cats and dog are still an issue, but a solv­able one).  I sleep bet­ter at night with these things accom­plished.

Over­all, it is a pret­ty suc­cess­ful year and my bless­ings are many. Count your bless­ings and for­get your short­falls, for now. The first of the year is com­ing when we can beat our­selves up for not accom­plish­ing all our goals while set­ting new goals for 2012.

What are you thank­ful for?


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