Prepper Fitness

In a sur­vival forum, it was not­ed that: “Remem­ber the first rules from Zom­bieland.  No, not “dou­ble tap.”  Car­dio.  If you’re a couch pota­to you need to fix this right now.” Yes, I am a for­mer ath­lete that has been a couch pota­to for too long.... Read more

Seasonalize Your Preps

Each sea­son has its own prep­per chal­lenges and dif­fi­cul­ties. It is June so that means hur­ri­cane sea­son on the gulf coast. Even if you don’t live in a hur­ri­cane-prone area, June is also a good time to refresh your preps so they are updat­ed for both... Read more
Gear Review Kahr PM9

Gear Review Kahr PM9

When choos­ing a con­ceal-car­ry-weapon (CCW), I had many things to con­sid­er. 1) Con­ceal­a­bil­i­ty in typ­i­cal cloth­ing worn in Hous­ton, Texas 2) Stop­ping pow­er, includ­ing reli­a­bil­i­ty. 3) Avail­abil­i­ty and price of ammu­ni­tion, both pre and post-SHTF.... Read more

Survival at Sea, 51 Days

Anoth­er sur­vival sto­ry, attrib­uted most­ly to luck. A crew­man on a com­mer­cial tuna-fish­ing boat was the first to spot it: some­thing shiny and metal­lic in the water off the ship’s bow. The crew­man alert­ed the nav­i­ga­tor, and the 280-foot San Niku­nau... Read more

“Store what you eat, eat what you store”

In the sur­vival­ist and prep­per com­mu­ni­ty, this is a mantra often repeat­ed. Like any mantra or sim­pli­fied rule of thumb, it serves its pur­pose up to the point. While hav­ing sim­ple rules to fol­low is often a good thing, the dev­il is in the details. For me,... Read more