Prepper Fitness

In a survival forum, it was noted that: “Remember the first rules from Zombieland.  No, not “double tap.”  Cardio.  If you’re a couch potato you need to fix this right now.” Yes, I am a former athlete that has been a couch potato for too long. I am... Read more

Seasonalize Your Preps

Each season has its own prepper challenges and difficulties. It is June so that means hurricane season on the gulf coast. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, June is also a good time to refresh your preps so they are updated for both seasonal and... Read more
Gear Review Kahr PM9

Gear Review Kahr PM9

When choosing a conceal-carry-weapon (CCW), I had many things to consider. 1) Concealability in typical clothing worn in Houston, Texas 2) Stopping power, including reliability. 3) Availability and price of ammunition, both pre and post-SHTF. 4) Budget – I was... Read more

Survival at Sea, 51 Days

Another survival story, attributed mostly to luck. A crewman on a commercial tuna-fishing boat was the first to spot it: something shiny and metallic in the water off the ship’s bow. The crewman alerted the navigator, and the 280-foot San Nikunau slightly... Read more