Travel Preps

I recent­ly went on a trip to Chica­go so I thought a lot about my preps and what I could take with me. These are things I con­sid­ered: 1) Oper­a­tion Secu­ri­ty: I have a ten­dan­cy to post things on Face­book about my trips and places I vis­it. This time, I... Read more

Doomsday Blues

Just like gen­er­a­tions past, there are plen­ty of issues on the hori­zon that present a chal­lenge to our day and age. Almost every day some­one pre­dicts doom is around the cor­ner, most­ly so they can point to their YouTube video or blog and say “I told you... Read more

Prepper Envy

As a each of us go through our prepa­ra­tions for the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, you may come across peo­ple who have achieved a lev­el of pre­pared­ness most of only dream of. That is, they have a ful­ly stocked bomb shel­ter in a rur­al loca­tion with 20 years of food,... Read more