Travel Preps

I recently went on a trip to Chicago so I thought a lot about my preps and what I could take with me. These are things I considered: 1) Operation Security: I have a tendancy to post things on Facebook about my trips and places I visit. This time, I went on information... Read more

Doomsday Blues

Just like generations past, there are plenty of issues on the horizon that present a challenge to our day and age. Almost every day someone predicts doom is around the corner, mostly so they can point to their YouTube video or blog and say “I told you... Read more

Prepper Envy

As a each of us go through our preparations for the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, you may come across people who have achieved a level of preparedness most of only dream of. That is, they have a fully stocked bomb shelter in a rural location with 20 years of food, water, fuel,... Read more