Prepper Evangelical

Prepper Evangelical

I read ST’s post from last week and started thinking about how to convert people to our preparedness mindset. To be frank, I think it is almost impossible to change people’s ideas on just about any subject. Their opinions have been formed over countless... Read more

“The only thing we have to fear, is…

It appears that fear is the topic of the past few weeks. And to be frank, this is probably the most important topic to face a prepper. There are several reasons: If you can make someone afraid, you can manipulate and control them. Fear is a natural part of our... Read more

Pet Prepping

Awhile ago, I blogged that I was really having a difficult time prepping for my pets (one dog and two cats). This can be a major issue, especially if you have to go and quickly. This has made me think heavily about how I would ensure the survival of my pets in a SHTF... Read more