I Forgot My EDC…

Well, I am in Florida on business. I’m here for a week. Maybe longer. I’m happy to be here, because it seems winter has finally met with the Northeast. However, I feel naked. I left my travel EDC kit in my my GHB accidentally, in the trunk of my car. All I... Read more
Prepper Evangelical

Prepper Evangelical

I read ST’s post from last week and started thinking about how to convert people to our preparedness mindset. To be frank, I think it is almost impossible to change people’s ideas on just about any subject. Their opinions have been formed over countless... Read more

Saturday Videos

Individual First Aid Kit NYC / Urban EDC Kit Economics: Does Wealth Evaporate Or Is It Transferred? – Mike Maloney of WealthCycles.com Scenario Video–First spring after the crash (WROL) “Be Sure to Wave” Leatherman Review by Nutnfancy The... Read more