I read ST’s post from last week and start­ed think­ing about how to con­vert peo­ple to our pre­pared­ness mind­set.evangelical meter

To be frank, I think it is almost impos­si­ble to change peo­ple’s ideas on just about any sub­ject. Their opin­ions have been formed over count­less hours of care­ful con­di­tion­ing. In our case, in our time, in this coun­try, we are con­di­tioned by sta­ble, nor­mal times both­ered by only peri­od­ic pow­er out­ages last­ing mere sec­onds. This sta­bil­i­ty has breed a gen­er­a­tion of com­pla­cent cit­i­zens. And yet, there are us few who rec­og­nize that sta­bil­i­ty is the aber­a­tion and his­tor­i­cal nor­mal­cy is marked by uncer­tain­ty. How do we wake every­one up from this sta­bil­i­ty slum­ber?

To me, being an evan­gel­i­cal nev­er is the answer. Peo­ple don’t like a preach­er speak­ing of hell and damna­tion. Their minds resist the prepa­ra­tion mind­set to the point of ridi­cul­ing those of us who have it.  I was on a recent vaca­tion and car­ried my EDC+ back­pack with me every­where and espe­cial­ly when we were hik­ing in the moun­tains. I faced sev­er­al instances of com­ments about how much stuff I was car­ry­ing. In fact, my sis­ter even said, “I don’t have to car­ry any stuff because I am with you.” I was think­ing, “Well, what if the SHTF and we have to spend the night in the woods or walk 30 miles back to town?” I have 12 snack bars and a 72 hour bar back in the car along with about a day’s sup­ply of water for one per­son. How could I pos­si­bly sup­ply five peo­ple for a peri­od longer than 12 hours?

Regard­less, I took their abuse and cheer­ful­ly answered their “what’s in the back pack?” ques­tions.  At the same time, hur­ri­cane Irene was threat­en­ing the east coast. I said, “how many peo­ple in New Jer­sey and New York are pre­pared for a hur­ri­cane? What if it was a Cat 3 or Cat 4 instead of the minor Cat 1 hur­ri­cane? Do you see why I am pre­pared wher­ev­er I go?”   Maybe, just maybe I got through to my young nephews and made an impres­sion on my sis­ter. My wife thinks I am nuts, but at least does not ridicule me. She know that I am look­ing out for her as well as myself. I hate to say it, but one day I would love to say to her, “I told you so” as she eats spiced beans and rice from the solar oven. 😉

At the end of the day, the best we can do is act as an exam­ple and pick our oppor­tu­ni­ties to influ­ence peo­ple into adopt­ing a pre­pared­ness mind­set. Then, let peo­ple do what they will. You can­not change them. Peri­od.

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