Well, I am in Flori­da on busi­ness. I’m here for a week. Maybe longer. I’m hap­py to be here, because it seems win­ter has final­ly met with the North­east. How­ev­er, I feel naked. I left my trav­el EDC kit in my my GHB acci­den­tal­ly, in the trunk of my car. All I have is a fold­ing knife, flash­light, and a lighter. I keep a flash­light, lighter, and fold­ing knife in all my suit­cas­es that get checked so at the very min­i­mum I have those items. How­ev­er, I feel naked. I have noth­ing else with me, and that makes me feel less secure. Does that make sense?

Might have to make a trek to Tar­get, Wal­mart, or out­door store in the area and make a pur­chase of some of the basic gear


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