I’ve been on a long overdue vacation this past week.  Several years overdue, in fact.  But I learned something quite by accident that I would like to share.  While traveling with a group of friends outside the United States, one of which was getting married (I and two other friends were groomsmen), that of many if not all my friends, I am the most prepared.  It was really a few little things that made it stand out, and while may be trivial to you and I, had an impact on many of the events of the week.  Suffice it to say, my EDC and my travel First Aid kit came in pretty handy this week.  A couple of minor examples:

  • My friend cut his foot at midnight (after a long night of consuming alcohol, and the day after his wedding) celebrating with us.  While his new wife was in a panic because his foot was bleeding (a lot) I calmly told them to keep pressure on the cut and I would be right back after I got my first aid kit….  The blood was a lot, but the cut was minor (he’ll need a stitch or two), and it was in an area that looks like it will bleed a lot, much like a gash you might get on your forehead.  I cleaned the cut as best I could, making sure there was nothing stuck in it (think glass), added some gauze and duct tape from my kit to make sure pressure could be kept on the cut.  All ends well, and everyone was in a quandary as to how someone could possibly react so calmly and make the situation less of an emergency.
  • My Leatherman tool came in VERY handy on multiple occasions and additional EDC make it’s international debute to mend, fix, and/or even light the grill.
  • 10 of my 20′ of Paracord came in handy several times for several  small fixes as well.
  • My knife sharpener came in handy to sharpen the kitchen knives which were about as dull as they could have possibly been.

By the end of the evening, I sat on the deck of our rented home for the week, alone for a while, and contemplated that “I’m different,” and I didn’t know how different until just recently.  With eight – 10 people in the house, only one had the tools that helped to make life a little easier.  It was interesting being the go-to guy for such items as mentioned above.  Several years ago, before this blog was born, I would have probably been one of the bystanders who stood by and watched the fixing and doing.  This week I was the one fixing and doing.  It felt good to have the tools to improvise when needed, but disconcerting that I was the only one who had the tools and the knowledge.

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