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After a year or so of the site being down, we’re slow­ly relaunch­ing it with all the old con­tent, and writ­ing new con­tent. It’s been well over a year since I’ve done any prep­ping, and recent­ly start­ed again. Updates over the last 18 months are, Ms. Prep­per is now Mrs. Prep­per, and there’s the addi­tion of Baby Prep­per, too… I feel like it’s all new again, and I’m learn­ing from scratch…

Hygiene In the Field, or Bug Out Hygiene

I’ve done a lot of camp­ing this sum­mer, and with the drought, you can imag­ine it was pret­ty hot out there.  I can attest that it was.  At our camp site we cut a lot of wood, and we used much of it for the camp fire.  Those were hot days swing­ing an axe, and can say in…

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Local or Alternative Currency in a Community for Higher Economic Sustainability

Local or Alternative Currency in a Community for Higher Economic Sustainability

On the ride home from my boss’s office on Mon­day evening this week, I was think­ing about the econ­o­my, and the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of eco­nom­ic col­lapse.  I thought about how it would effect where I live in NJ today, and I thought about how it might effect my home town, a…

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The Modular Survival Kit, Cache Valley Prepper

The Mod­u­lar Sur­vival Kit is a fair­ly sim­ple con­cept.  And one that I know that the mil­i­tary is famil­iar with, but not one that I’ve heard get much atten­tion in the prep­ping com­mu­ni­ty.  Once I had built up my kit, as any aspir­ing sur­vival­ist would do, I did a few…

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