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After a year or so of the site being down, we’re slowly relaunching it with all the old content, and writing new content. It’s been well over a year since I’ve done any prepping, and recently started again. Updates over the last 18 months are, Ms. Prepper is now Mrs. Prepper, and there’s the addition of Baby Prepper, too… I feel like it’s all new again, and I’m learning from scratch…

Holy Survivalist / Prepper Resource List!!! ...

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I Am “SO” Out of Touch

It's true... I spent the weekend with a friend in AZ close to Fort Hauchuca.  Sierra Vista, AZ to be exact.  This is a friend I met when we were in the 6th grade in middle school.  We've known each other for about 27 years.  One of my oldest friends.  Now, to give you...

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Trying New Foods for Food Storage

Trying New Foods for Food Storage

Well, I went to the grocery store tonight.  When I got there I noticed there was a lot of stuff on sale.  Package of six ramen noodles for $2.00, Vienna Sausage, two cans for a dollar, SPAM, two 6 oz cans for three dollars, 10 cans of Campbell's soup for $10.00, etc....

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Saturday Videos

2 Activists Not Sure on Communist Solution httpv:// SHTF CREW TAG httpv:// The Day of Darkness Came httpv:// Surviving Hypothermic Conditions...

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Out of Shape = Dead

Recently, I have been doing a lot of work in my garden to get it ready for next season. Since my urban lot is very small, it could not be that much work. So this is what I have set out to do this fall/winter (the best time in Houston, Texas!): 1) Cut down an overgrown...

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