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After a year or so of the site being down, we’re slow­ly relaunch­ing it with all the old con­tent, and writ­ing new con­tent. It’s been well over a year since I’ve done any prep­ping, and recent­ly start­ed again. Updates over the last 18 months are, Ms. Prep­per is now Mrs. Prep­per, and there’s the addi­tion of Baby Prep­per, too… I feel like it’s all new again, and I’m learn­ing from scratch…

Project Update

I lament­ed two per­son­al prep­per issues here and here. A week after the solar oven fail, I suc­cess­ful­ly made the Arroz Con Pol­lo in about five hours in the sun. My lot’s shady pro­file pre­sent­ed a chal­lenge, but I made it work. The only issue was I had to put it in the…

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Review of 5‑Minute Microwave Canning

Review of 5‑Minute Microwave Canning

First, this is an inter­est­ing book…  I 5‑Minute Microwave Can­ning to see if there was a short­cut  to can­ning, and to help me under­stand if you could can/jar using a microwave.  If so, what foods you can can/jar.  My first dis­ap­point­ment was not with the book itself.…

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Holy Survivalist / Prepper Resource List!!! …

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