Physical Fitness

Does Your Job Help You Stay Prepped, Trained, and Fit?

by suburban January 3, 2016 Health

I work from home remotely from my company’s office.  It is a curse and a blessing.  I can get a LOT done in a shorter period of time because almost as soon as I wake up, wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I am at work… When I need some flex time to go […]

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Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

by Prepperjim November 9, 2011 Barter

I recently heard of a man called Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre from Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast. Ferfal is from Argentina and has lived through their economic crash from December 2001 until today. He wrote a booked about his experience called Surviving The Economic Collapse. He also has a blog called The Modern Survivalist. I […]

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Prepper Fitness

by Prepperjim June 15, 2011 Personal

In a survival forum, it was noted that: “Remember the first rules from Zombieland.  No, not “double tap.”  Cardio.  If you’re a couch potato you need to fix this right now.” Yes, I am a former athlete that has been a couch potato for too long. I am also above 40 and overweight. But this […]

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a Better Prepper or Get Started

by suburban May 26, 2011 Bug In

Traveling again this week and short on time, but wanted to put something together for you… I was going over ways in my head to help me re-align some goals and thought I would share a few of them with you…  These are in no particular oder Plant a garden, any garden. Go get some […]

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The High Level Plan to Preparedness

by suburban April 5, 2011 Bug In

Well, after last evening’s interview with Doctor Prepper, I thought I would write up a few thoughts on planning for your preparedness goals.  This will probably appeal to novice preppers, but it got me thinking about a few points of discussion around how to get the ball rolling and keep your head on straight at the same […]

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I’m Failing My 2011 Fitness Goals Already

by suburban January 27, 2011 Health

Yes, it’s true.  I am already failing to accomplish my 2011 fitness goals.  I blame part of it on my new job.  I am out of the house before 7:00 a.m. each morning.  Big deal, right?  A lot of you reading this could be out the door at 5:00 a.m., I am sure.  I also […]

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My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

by suburban June 20, 2010 Books

When I bought my iPhone last year, I quickly realized it had the potential to be a survival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camping, hiking, and survival” quickly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the ‘best ones for me’ at the moment.  They may […]

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Physical fitness and the survivalist; a repost from a forum that I am on

by suburban April 24, 2010 General

Physical fitness. Well, I have been working at getting in better physical condition over the past months. Today, I went for my first 5+ mile hike. Nine mile hike, in fact. Boy will I be in pain tomorrow. I digress. So, today, I went hiking the Appalachian trail in northwestern NJ. An area, should I […]

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