Traveling again this week and short on time, but wanted to put something together for you… I was going over ways in my head to help me re-align some goals and thought I would share a few of them with you…  These are in no particular oder

  1. Plant a garden, any garden. Go get some pots from Lowes or Home Depot, pick up seeds or sprouted vegetable plants and transplant them into the pots.  Take care of them this summer and reap the benefits of “learning how to garden.”  Grow some peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and other vegetables that you enjoy if the pots are large enough to hold them…  You never know when that Bug Out Location is going to have you as a long term inhabitant and whether or not you will need a garden to survive.
  2. Get out of debt. I know this can be a pain in the ass and painful to pay off those debts, but if I can do it, anyone can.  I forget where I heard it, but Dave Ramsey markets a book with a fantastic plan, as does David Bach.  Both have marketed multiple programs and books that make sense in helping to invest in your own future.  Pick them up and read them.  Even if you know what you are doing you might learn something new.
  3. Put together a personal or family emergency plan. Some time ago I wrote this post on creating a family book for each disaster situation called “‘Your Home Crisis Guidebook for a Survival Situation or a SHTF.”  You could even put this together for work and make it a standard part of the hiring procedure in the event there is an emergency during working hours.  In additi0n, plan by probability based on geography.  i.e. Neighborhood, Town or city, region, multi-state, national, etc… Start with the smallest first (neighborhood) and work your way out from there.
  4. Build your Bug Out Bags for yourself and for each member of your family. Make sure you don’t just copy some0ne else’s bag because everyone’s needs are different because of demographics, geography, medical needs, etc.  If you are wondering where to start, however, here are the contents of my Bug Out Bag.  Here is another list that I found that might help you as well:
  5. If you have not already, get started prepping food and water by adding five gallons of water  by buying a five gallon water container, and get your food storage started by buying a day’s worth of food for each person in y0ur household.  Aim to have 30 days of food stored for one person or the whole family in the next 60 days.  It’s okay to start slowly…
  6. Start getting in better shape. Even I fail at this one quite a bit because I go to the gym in spurts.  The truth is, being committed to a healthier lifestyle makes you a better prepper because you can think faster on y0ur feet, you are in better condition to bug out, you prolong your life, and the list goes on.  Not unlike debt, it can be painful to get started, but once you are on a roll, it is easier to maintain than start and stop like I routinely do for a myriad of reasons…
  7. Understand disaster commonality.  This one is not mine.  It is Jack Spirko’s over at The Survival Podcast.  Here is the link to the podcast on this matter: I think it will make more sense once you listen to the show.  It will help you prepare your thoughts on prepping, gear, and the disasters you might face.
  8. Think about looking for a Bug Out Location or retreat and get it ready in case you had to go there for 30 days or so if you and your family absolutely had to.  Land and property has come down in price because people do not have the money to buy right now… I only advocate doing this if you have paid off your debt first however.  Pick up a copy of M.D. Creekmore’s new book, Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat to learn how M.D. did it.  It may or may not be for you, but at least you will get some perspective on how to do it and save money at the same time…
  9. Learn some basic First Aid because it is my theory too many people focus on all the other stuff, but forget to have the basic skills to save a life.  Check out the Red Cross site here for classes in your area:
  10. Get started on at least two of the above items today…  There is no time like the present to get the ball rolling


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