In a survival forum, it was noted that: “Remember the first rules from Zombieland.  No, not “double tap.”  Cardio.  If you’re a couch potato you need to fix this right now.” Yes, I am a former athlete that has been a couch potato for too long. I am also above 40 and overweight. But this is not a confessional. “Whatcha going to do about it?”

Well, I have lost about 30 lbs this year through diet alone. I gained back about 10, but am still down 20 lbs since New Years. So, having lost weight without exercising, this is what is in my future (as it worked well in the past):

1) I am a big fan of interval training. That is, warm up, then do sprints and really get your heart rate going. It is my belief that this type of training is more effective both from a time perspective and endurance perspective than merely getting on the treadmill for 60 minutes. I learned this from Dr. Art Devany and his book, The New Evolution Diet. You don’t necessarily have to do running sprints. I do my interval training on an elliptical machine to minimize the impact. Eventually, I will work up to 40 yard dashes, as nothing simulates running from zombies better than, well, running.

2) In the past, I loved Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning. It is strength training without using weights. I did squats and modified push-ups and this really improved my overall strength. I could never do the bridge so just abandoned that. I believe these exercises are still appropriate and effective if matched with sit-ups and other weight training.

3) Stretching is also important. I am not the most flexible person, so this is definitely an area for improvement. After 40, I am not sure I can make much flexibility progress.

4) I would like to do some urban hiking with a back pack to simulate having to march 30 miles from my work to my home should the SHTF. I don’t think I will walk 30 miles with a 40 lb pack, but five miles is not out of the question.

The problem I have is it is now June in Houston, Texas and hiking outside is very difficult. Of course, one cannot choose the time when the SHTF, so I figure it is time to quite complaining and start walking!

I would love to hear what others do to get in Shape to Survive!

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