Inexpensive DIY Tin Can Lighting and Cooking

by suburban February 4, 2014 Cooking

As a life prepper and survival expert in the high desert there are certain things that I center on when it comes to my families safety, comfort and survival. The concentration for todays article is on DIY light. Contrary to popular myth the high desert of Arizona and New Mexico does not always have a […]

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Test Cooking with Preps, Breakfast for Dinner, Part One

by suburban February 10, 2012 Bug In

I like breakfast for dinner.  I do.  I have James Bond’s fetish for scrambled eggs.  Give me scrambled eggs, an omelet, or frittata any day of the week and I am a happy guy.  So, tonight, we make breakfast for dinner.  I have picked up some tester / samples from various vendors and I am going […]

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And Then There Was a Dinner Meeting

by suburban October 31, 2011 Bug In

Last week, I had dinner with three other preppers.  One was new, and the two others I have been in touch with for some time.  We all live in Northern NJ, and are concerned with the economy, job growth, Bugging In, Bugging Out, etc.  The conversation twisted and turned in many directions.  We talked about […]

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Solar Oven Fail

by Prepperjim September 28, 2011 Cooking

This weekend I had an “epic fail” (as the kids say) with my new solar cooker. I tried to make a simple dish, Arroz con Pollo (chicken with rice), but did not get past 100F. Why? The sun! As it turns out, Saturday morning and afternoon was the time mother nature chose to break its […]

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Rice and Beans? Beans and Rice?

by ST May 31, 2011 Cooking

Rice and beans – unquestionably the top two items most often cited as “must-haves” in any preppers pantry. Even for non-preppers, when discussion of having a few extra food supplies on hand comes up (and this comes up a lot more these days in a great many venues) almost immediately someone says something like “I […]

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The Advantage of the Suburban Farmers Market

by suburban November 12, 2010 Cooking

You might not think there is one.  At first glance you might say, the vegetables are not organic, they have less flavor because they are factory farm grown, they have steroids, etc.  But there is one advantage of the suburban farmers market.  They get fresh shipments of vegetables every day for purchase at a discounted price.  This […]

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Saturday Videos and a Bit More

by suburban October 9, 2010 General

A couple days ago MD Creekmore over at posted a pretty good article on “Survival for the Apartment Dweller.”  Thought I would share it with you today. Now for Saturday Videos: Firefight: A Nutnfancy .22 Drill How to manage your Paracord Hydration Bladder and Sawyer Water Filter Squirrel Cookin’ Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX […]

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Pigeon? For Dinner?

by suburban October 7, 2010 Cooking

Okay, I was in the car for about four hours today… I had some time to think… My mind started to wander, and the gears were spinning.  I asked myself, if the S#!t has hit the fan while I was in Philadelphia, and I knew no one.  If food supplies are low and I was […]

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Lessons in Preserving Meats and Poultry

by suburban September 13, 2010 Cooking

This past labor day weekend, a buddy and I went camping.  Not like real camping, however, in the woods with no facilities, and no one around for miles, but to a piece of property his family owns that he will likely use as a Bug Out Location.  It has a 5th Wheel on it, as […]

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A Friend Has Lost Everything, Checked Into a Men’s Shelter…

by suburban September 9, 2010 Clothing

This post is very close to my heart…  It pains me to write it, as it affects a friend of mine directly, that refuses help, as I will illustrate. I have a friend I got a call from this week.  He has lost his job, his apartment, much of his clothing,  his parents (family) lives […]

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