I like break­fast for din­ner.  I do.  I have James Bond’s fetish for scram­bled eggs.  Give me scram­bled eggs, an omelet, or frit­ta­ta any day of the week and I am a hap­py guy.  So, tonight, we make break­fast for din­ner.  I have picked up some tester / sam­ples from var­i­ous ven­dors and I am going to start cook­ing with them so that I can get a han­dle on how hard or easy it might be to work with the preps in an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion.

That said, tonight we make break­fast, for din­ner.  We’re going to make a three egg omelete with some pow­dered eggs from Augus­ton Farms, and Hamish Bits from Har­mo­ny House Foods.  If you don’t know what Hamish Bits are, they are a soy pro­tein prod­uct that has been fla­vored with a ham-like fla­vor­ing.  I liken them to the fake bacon bits you get in the gro­cery store.

That said, a three egg omelet this evening with a por­tion con­trolled por­tion of Hamish Bits will yield the fol­low­ing results;  First, the ingre­di­ents and nutri­tion­al data:

Two table­spoons of extra vir­gin olive oil

  • Calo­ries : 240
  • Fat: 27 / 8 grams sat­u­rat­ed fat
  • Car­bo­hy­drates: 0
  • Fibers: 0
  • Pro­tein: 0

Three pow­dered eggs recon­sti­tut­ed (six table­spoons of pow­dered egg and nine table­spoons of warm water)

  • Calo­ries : 180 / Calo­ries from fat : 105
  • Fat: 12 grams / 3 grams sat­u­rat­ed
  • Cho­les­terol: 495mg
  • Sodi­um: 255mg
  • Car­bo­hy­drates: 6 grams
  • Fibers: 0
  • Pro­tein: 12 grams

One serv­ing (1/4 cup) of Hamish Bits. Soaked in warm water for five min­utes to add soft­ness to them.

  • Calo­ries : 107 / Calo­ries from fat : 49
  • Fat: 5 grams / 1 gram sat­u­rat­ed
  • Cho­les­terol: 0 mg
  • Sodi­um: 226mg
  • Car­bo­hy­drates: 8 grams
  • Fibers: 3 grams
  • Pro­tein: 11 grams

Now, why is this impor­tant to me.  Well, if I am in a SHTF, and por­tion con­trol­ling my food, and I plan on it, this will allow me some basic mea­sure of what my caloric intake as well as fat, and pro­tein is for basic sur­vival pur­pos­es.  What I see is lack­ing in this recipe is fibrous veg­eta­bles, which would add some addi­tion­al nutri­tion­al val­ue and fiber as well like broc­coli or spinach.

Impor­tant val­ues to me:

  • Calo­ries: 526
  • Fat: 44 grams / 12 grams Sat­u­rat­ed Fat
  • Pro­tein: 23 grams

The fat to me is on the high side, but in a sit­u­a­tion where you are hump­ing a pack, chop­ping wood, some oth­er man­u­al labor, or just need the fat as ener­gy to stay warm on a cold­er day, the fat becomes your body’s ener­gy.  In addi­tion only 8 grams of the total fat con­tent is sat­u­rat­ed fat, mak­ing most of the fat unsat­u­rat­ed fat.  So, not too shab­by, if you ask me.

So you are aware, I am test­ing before I buy.  I bought the sam­ples from both Har­mo­ny House as well as Augus­ton Farms.  I will be test­ing addi­tion­al foods in the near future and writ­ing about them as well.  So stay tuned.

How did they taste?  I’m just going to say, wow!  The scram­bled eggs were great.  The addi­tion of the Hamish Bits added a punch of fla­vor.  ALthough, I think soak­ing them first took a lit­tle fla­vor off of them.  Not as “ham­my” tast­ing as I had hoped.  I did soak the Hamish bits for 5 min­utes in warm water to soft­en them up, pri­or to adding them to the eggs.  But the con­sis­ten­cy and the fla­vor of the eggs were spot on.  In fact because of the milk that is in the egg pow­der (accord­ing to the label), I believe it added an addi­tion­al fla­vor as well.  I added no salt or pep­per, and felt it tast­ed bet­ter than fine as is.  You can also see a bit of sodi­um in the ingre­di­ents above so, you should­n’t have to salt them.  You may want to add your hot sauce to give it a punch of fla­vor or ketchup.  But I liked them just fine the way they were.

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