The winter that just wont go away

by Cameron Green of GAPP March 20, 2015 Fishing

As I sit here looking at the forecast for yet another winter storm, I find myself longing for spring and all that comes with it. Its been a long, cold winter and, as much as I like the cold and all it brings, Im tired of it and welcome a change in seasons.  I had […]

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Suburban’s Updated Travel EDC

by suburban August 25, 2011 Crime

As promised, this is my post about my expanded Travel EDC.  It seems the more I travel, the more I think I need when on the road.  I am finding there is a fine balance between having what you think you might need in an emergency, and just packing your whole Get Home Bag in […]

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My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

by suburban June 20, 2010 Books

When I bought my iPhone last year, I quickly realized it had the potential to be a survival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camping, hiking, and survival” quickly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the ‘best ones for me’ at the moment.  They may […]

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My Thoughts About a Bug Out Location

by suburban June 14, 2010 Bug Out

So, I have been giving more and more thought to a BOL. Here is why: My family’s home, which is my current BOL is 100 miles from my home in NJ. It is rural, but still near major roads and is highly visible to the street, as is the garden, vehicles, etc. Conceptually, while 100 […]

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Car preparedness, Part 3, hunting and fishing gear for your car kit.

by suburban May 12, 2010 Fishing

First, I need to preface this post with I condone poaching for sport.  If you are poaching to poach, then you deserve to get what is coming to you.  However, if you are in a SHTF situation, then hunting to live or to save your life is another story, laws or not.  That said, here […]

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by suburban April 18, 2010 Bushcraft

So as a matter of explanation, I am going to list what I use for my EDC.  Keep in mind my EDC is banging around Northern New Jersey most of the time, and in PA and NY states on weekends some of the time…    I designed my EDC basically around what I think I would […]

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