When I bought my iPhone last year, I quickly realized it had the potential to be a survival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camping, hiking, and survival” quickly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the ‘best ones for me’ at the moment.  They may not be perfect, AT&T’s signal may stink at times, and I may not have service at all in some areas, but some of the apps are useful without service.  Here is what I have:
  • Coleman Lantern – Instead of the IPhone Flashlight App, I added the Coleman Lantern app.  “The Coleman® Lantern application lets you choose from 10 different lanterns that fill your campsite with bright, white light. And if you’re not camping, the Coleman® Lantern is great for finding things in your car, walking at night, reading, and for anywhere else you need more light.”
  • Bug Spray – I’m not sure if this app works or not, but for the cost, figured I should have it… “Bug Spray emits high frequency tones that have the effect of repelling insects. These high frequency tones are above the hearing range of most people, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t hear the tones. You can see that the high frequency tones are playing by observing the sound meter when the app is active.”
  • First Aid White Cross – Personally, in an emergency situation if I get a little crazy, I can calm myself down, and reference something that can save someone else’s life…  “It is an easy to use application that will allow you to correctly handle an emergency situation. All the basic information you need for the correct handling of an emergency case is illustrated and shortly described.”
  • WikiHow Survival Kit App – Another app with instruction on how to get out of certain survival situations in a pinch…  “The application includes the ‘wikiHow Survival Kit,’ a collection of articles to get you through life’s most difficult situations. Includes articles on first aid such as CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, treating burns and bleeding. It also contains wilderness life-savers like how to build a fire or find North without a compass. And you never know when you might need some of the more “unexpected scenario” articles like how to escape from a bear, how to regain control of a spooked camel, or how to survive a riot.”
  • Hiker Pro – I use this to find cool state parks to go hiking in… Enjoy our international list of over 6,000 trails that yield over 50,000 miles of pure fun. Discover new trails in your area and easily locate hard-to-find trailheads when you are traveling.
  • Couch to 5K – Getting in shape is a goal of mine… I started with Couch to 5k, but slacked off a bit.  I have to get back on it… This workout training coach will help you get into shape using the C25K system, a series of interval workouts spanning 9 weeks, culminating in your ability to run 5 km (3.1 miles) without stopping or walking.
  • Fit Mind Exercise Motivation – An app that you can listen to that helps your subconscious to prepare itself for exercise and give you the motivation to exercise.  Does it work, who really knows, it might just be all psychological…  FitMind Exercise Motivation uses scientifically engineered binaural frequency programs designed to synchronize the frequency of your brain waves with a positive, motivated, energized and confident state of mind, ideal for exercise.
  • 90-Second Shape up – Another app to help me get into shape.  I travel a lot for work, so these are easy exercises I can do right in the hotel room to help give me a fast hard work out…  The 90-Second Fitness Solution vook is a revolutionary new way to experience the powerful strength-training plan of Pete Cerqua. With this application, you can read about Pete’s exercise techniques, watch him demonstrate each exercise technique individually, and follow him in social media to get even more insight. You’ll shape up, get fit, and be looking great in no time!
  • SAS Survival Guide – One of several manuals I keep on the iPhone in the event I find myself in need of research in a situation I may find myself…  Written by former SAS soldier and instructor, John “Lofty” Wiseman, this application brings you the elite training techniques of Britain’s toughest fighting force in the most accessible version ever. Now you can take the original set of world-class survival skills with you anywhere in the world – from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Kandahar…or to your closest national park.
  • US Army Survival Guide – One of several manuals I keep on the iPhone in the event I find myself in need of research in a situation I may find myself…  The U.S. Army knows how to train their personnel to survive. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. This app is over 1,400 pages and provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information.
  • Emergency Radio – Not unlike a police scanner, depending on my location, I can tune into what is happening in locally with the police, ambulance, and fire department…  Tune in to everything from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to the New York Fire Department (FDNY). Easily follow along with the action using the built-in police and emergency scanner code list. Conveniently locate nearby frequencies.
  • iSurvive Survival Reference Manual – One of several manuals I keep on the iPhone in the event I find myself in need of research in a situation I may find myself…  Military Grade Survival Manual.
  • State Lines – One of the newest apps I have purchased for use…  Currently State Lines tracks 43 pieces of travel relevant information for each of the 50 states; including vehicle gun carry laws, state sales tax, time zones, towing & RV specific laws, gas/diesel taxes, rest area overnight parking rules, default speed limits, alcohol sales laws, smoking bans, open container laws, state park camping entrance fees, pet leash laws, bicycle and motorcycle helmet laws, cell phone & texting bans, left hand turn rules, and more.
  • MotionX GPS – Great for hiking and charting your trip, location, etc… MotionX-GPS is for your outdoor life:
    That’s Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Biking, Sailing, Skiing, Flying, Racing, Geocaching.

So that’s it… These are my outdoor/survival apps that I may need in a pinch.  Some of you might be thinking the iPhone battery sucks.  Well, yeah, it does.  So I carry two items with me that help me out a bit.  First is the Mophie backup battery case.  It will just about fully recharge my iPhone if I turn it off and let it charge depleting the case’s battery entirely.  I also carry a rechargeable backup battery for the iPhone.  So effectively, I can get three full charges from my phone if I need to in an emergency situation.

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