Col­lapsi­ble Fish­ing Rod

First, I need to pref­ace this post with I con­done poach­ing for sport.  If you are poach­ing to poach, then you deserve to get what is com­ing to you.  How­ev­er, if you are in a SHTF sit­u­a­tion, then hunt­ing to live or to save your life is anoth­er sto­ry, laws or not.  That said, here is what I sug­gest you keep in your car for hunting/fishing if you have to:

  • Safe­ty Pins.  Safe­ty pins are great.  They have a ton of uses, includ­ing use as a fish­ing hook in a pinch.
  • Fish hooks.  I think it goes with­out say­ing that if you need to fish, you may need some fish hooks.
  • Fish­ing line.  I keep 10lb (I think) test line in my truck .
  • Fish­ing Lures/bobbers.  I keep sev­er­al lures with my hooks and line in case I can­not find live bait.
  • 5 pack­ages of 24″ 45lb test steel fish­ing lead­ers (2 lead­ers per pack).  Why 24″ 45lb test steel fish­ing lead­ers you might ask?  Well not only might they be good for fish­ing, but they also make out­stand­ing snares that can hold an ani­mal that can pull up to 45lbs using all their ener­gy.  You have a built in eye­let so that you can string the snare and enough lead to tie it off with para­cord, or set a more sophis­ti­cat­ed trap.  They are dirt cheap at about $2.50 per pack­age of two, and I get them at Sports Author­i­ty, but have seen them at Wal­mart, Kmart, Dicks, etc.
  • Knife.  I keep a full tang hunt­ing knife in my back­pack in the truck.  You can­not beat a good knife so make sure you buy a descent one.
  • A sling­shot.  Yes, I have a sling­shot.  Good for small game, if you are a good shot.  Do I use it enough to be accu­rate, prob­a­bly not enough.  Be wary, some states do not allow them, like New Jer­sey.
  • Sev­en strand 550 Para­cord.  I keep about 50′ of it in the truck.  Ridicu­lous­ly strong, it has dozens of uses, includ­ing dis­as­sem­bling it to reveal the sev­en string strands that can also be used as snares, fish­ing line, or sewing thread.

So there you have it, this is what I keep in my truck for hunt­ing and fish­ing.  With my knife I can make a mul­ti­tude of traps, includ­ing fig­ure four drop traps, and with my snares I can set as many as I need to for­age for pro­tein.  One Item I would make, in an emer­gency would also be a “rab­bit stick.”  If you want to buy some­thing and keep it as a rab­bit stick, I rec­om­mend some­thing like this:

You will also notice that I do not have any guns list­ed.  If I did­n’t trav­el through dif­fer­ent states all the time, I might, but because gun laws are so dif­fer­ent from state to state, I do not have any list­ed.

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