Collapsible Fishing Rod

First, I need to preface this post with I condone poaching for sport.  If you are poaching to poach, then you deserve to get what is coming to you.  However, if you are in a SHTF situation, then hunting to live or to save your life is another story, laws or not.  That said, here is what I suggest you keep in your car for hunting/fishing if you have to:

  • Safety Pins.  Safety pins are great.  They have a ton of uses, including use as a fishing hook in a pinch.
  • Fish hooks.  I think it goes without saying that if you need to fish, you may need some fish hooks.
  • Fishing line.  I keep 10lb (I think) test line in my truck .
  • Fishing Lures/bobbers.  I keep several lures with my hooks and line in case I cannot find live bait.
  • 5 packages of 24″ 45lb test steel fishing leaders (2 leaders per pack).  Why 24″ 45lb test steel fishing leaders you might ask?  Well not only might they be good for fishing, but they also make outstanding snares that can hold an animal that can pull up to 45lbs using all their energy.  You have a built in eyelet so that you can string the snare and enough lead to tie it off with paracord, or set a more sophisticated trap.  They are dirt cheap at about $2.50 per package of two, and I get them at Sports Authority, but have seen them at Walmart, Kmart, Dicks, etc.
  • Knife.  I keep a full tang hunting knife in my backpack in the truck.  You cannot beat a good knife so make sure you buy a descent one.
  • A slingshot.  Yes, I have a slingshot.  Good for small game, if you are a good shot.  Do I use it enough to be accurate, probably not enough.  Be wary, some states do not allow them, like New Jersey.
  • Seven strand 550 Paracord.  I keep about 50′ of it in the truck.  Ridiculously strong, it has dozens of uses, including disassembling it to reveal the seven string strands that can also be used as snares, fishing line, or sewing thread.

So there you have it, this is what I keep in my truck for hunting and fishing.  With my knife I can make a multitude of traps, including figure four drop traps, and with my snares I can set as many as I need to forage for protein.  One Item I would make, in an emergency would also be a “rabbit stick.”  If you want to buy something and keep it as a rabbit stick, I recommend something like this:

You will also notice that I do not have any guns listed.  If I didn’t travel through different states all the time, I might, but because gun laws are so different from state to state, I do not have any listed.

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