As I sit here look­ing at the fore­cast for yet anoth­er win­ter storm, I find myself long­ing for spring and all that comes with it. Its been a long, cold win­ter and, as much as I like the cold and all it brings, Im tired of it and wel­come a change in sea­sons.  I had plans to get the yard cleaned up, spread some com­post on the gar­den in prepa­ra­tion for till­ing, clean out hutch­es and coops, fill planters with pot­ting soil in prepa­ra­tion for seeds… a full week­end of spring time chores, and I was look­ing for­ward to it all.  Due to the 5 more inch­es of white stuff we are fore­cast to get here in the NY Metro area, my plans for the week­end will have to change.  So what can I do instead?  Here is my list of things I need to do, get caught up on, wish I had time for, or cant put off any­more:

Clean and lubri­cate guns

Pack up my win­ter clothespf_VAC007

Unpack my spring clothes

Pack up hunt­ing equip­ment

Unpack fish­ing equip­ment

Orga­nize my shed

Get live­stock feed from my local co-op

Sharp­en chain­saw blades and oth­er gar­den toolsOrganized-de-cluttered-shed

Try a new mari­nade recipe for deer roast

Rotate my gas stor­age

Buy mate­ri­als for a new hutch

Write the next chap­ter of my book

Replace my worn out boot laces with para­cord

Reload my 50 Beowulf ammo

So the answer is, there is a lot I can do…and its impor­tant I get up and do them.  So if you’re like me and ready for spring, don’t give up hope on a pro­duc­tive week­end even if youre local weath­er inst coop­er­a­tive.  Make a list of things you can do on these days to stay pro­duc­tive… get cre­ative if nec­es­sary.  And nev­er lose hope on spring… its inevitable!

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