As I sit here looking at the forecast for yet another winter storm, I find myself longing for spring and all that comes with it. Its been a long, cold winter and, as much as I like the cold and all it brings, Im tired of it and welcome a change in seasons.  I had plans to get the yard cleaned up, spread some compost on the garden in preparation for tilling, clean out hutches and coops, fill planters with potting soil in preparation for seeds… a full weekend of spring time chores, and I was looking forward to it all.  Due to the 5 more inches of white stuff we are forecast to get here in the NY Metro area, my plans for the weekend will have to change.  So what can I do instead?  Here is my list of things I need to do, get caught up on, wish I had time for, or cant put off anymore:

Clean and lubricate guns

Pack up my winter clothespf_VAC007

Unpack my spring clothes

Pack up hunting equipment

Unpack fishing equipment

Organize my shed

Get livestock feed from my local co-op

Sharpen chainsaw blades and other garden toolsOrganized-de-cluttered-shed

Try a new marinade recipe for deer roast

Rotate my gas storage

Buy materials for a new hutch

Write the next chapter of my book

Replace my worn out boot laces with paracord

Reload my 50 Beowulf ammo

So the answer is, there is a lot I can do…and its important I get up and do them.  So if you’re like me and ready for spring, don’t give up hope on a productive weekend even if youre local weather inst cooperative.  Make a list of things you can do on these days to stay productive… get creative if necessary.  And never lose hope on spring… its inevitable!

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