Precious Metals As Currency, My Thoughts

by suburban February 1, 2015 Barter

I have a somewhat skewed view of precious metals. I believe that in a post SHTF situation people will not just turn to precious metals as currency.  The average person will raid their change jar and use whatever cash they have on hand to pay for goods until they run out of that fiat currency. […]

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Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

by Prepperjim November 9, 2011 Barter

I recently heard of a man called Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre from Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast. Ferfal is from Argentina and has lived through their economic crash from December 2001 until today. He wrote a booked about his experience called Surviving The Economic Collapse. He also has a blog called The Modern Survivalist. I […]

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100 Items a Prepper Must Have for Survival and Barter

by suburban October 7, 2011 Barter

I was cleaning off the hard drive of my notebook computer, and found a list that I copied and pasted to Microsoft Word a few years ago.  I don’t know where I picked it up, but thought I would share it with everyone… Updated: 3/16/2014:  I am adding links to the products so you do […]

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Who Will Help me Eat My Bread?

by ST October 4, 2011 Barter

There is an old children’s story about someone who asks “Who will help me make my bread?” No one helps. No one helps plant the wheat, harvest the wheat, mill the wheat, make the dough, or bake it. But at the end when it is asked who will help eat the bread everyone comes running […]

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Promises To Keep : Your New Post-SHFT Credit Card

by ST September 27, 2011 Barter

There is no honor among thieves. But, thankfully, most people aren’t thieves. Even in a SHTF scenario, with some exception (e.g. Katrina), most people do behave well. For the most part. Living in or near a big city it can be hard to understand that a persons’ word still holds value for a large number […]

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Bartertown, U.S.A.

by ST May 3, 2011 Barter

Barter – To trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money. (Source: Source location: Random House, inc.) Much has been written about the use of barter in a post SHTF/TEOTWAWKI. event. Even in “merely” a post-financial collapse/SHTF event barter is presumed to be the norm for conducting common transactions, especially […]

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Bartering, Your Urban and Suburban Currency Post SHTF

by suburban December 20, 2010 Barter

I cannot deny it.  I have not bartered or traded anything in about 20 years.  The last thing I bartered was wen I was in business for myself, and my customer was an outdoor outfittter type of retail establishment and I bartered a Solstace Jacket, Eureka four man tent, and a new sleeping bag for […]

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Replenishing the Reserve Fund, and Silver

by suburban December 7, 2010 Barter

Well, as it turns out, I have been able to save a little bit of cash recently.  A few dollars back in savings, paid off a credit card (two to go), and can think about replenishing my reserve cash fund.  Recently I wrote about having a reserve fund in my post, Apartment Prepping, the Real […]

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Apartment Prepping, the Real Deal In My Opinion

by suburban November 22, 2010 Barter

I hesitated writing this because I wanted it to be comprehensive, but I don’t want it to be a book. However, I am going to let it be as long as it needs to be at this point.  Yesterday, I was out at my NJ Preparedness Meetup and one of the people asked me how […]

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Bugging In? Think About Comfort Foods Too.

by suburban June 28, 2010 Barter

I met a prepper about a month or so ago, and we were discussing our preps, what we thought we would need based on family, situation, etc.  He mentioned to me that he purchases comfort foods that he would normally pick up at the grocery store.  Comfort Foods?  Like candy, soda, beer, etc.?  Yup, that […]

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