A Quick Update…

Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been a ton of new content lately.  I have been swamped at work and have not had the time northe mind-share to put forth new blog posts lately.  Once the month is over things should slow a little and I should be avle to resume a... Read more
Prepper Evangelical

Prepper Evangelical

I read ST’s post from last week and started thinking about how to convert people to our preparedness mindset. To be frank, I think it is almost impossible to change people’s ideas on just about any subject. Their opinions have been formed over countless... Read more

A Shout Out to PrepperJim and ST

This is a short post to give a shout out to PrepperJim and ST.  Both are contributing authors here on the Suburban Survival Blog.  These two contributing authors help me out when I least expect it.  Besides being regular contributors, it seems when I get busy, am... Read more