Honestly, Where is the Answer?

Hon­est­ly, I have not been moti­vat­ed to write recent­ly.  I feel like work is con­sum­ing my life over the past sev­er­al months.  Being in sales I am not sur­prised, but I feel like I am work­ing hard­er longer hours for small­er rewards.  The... Read more

Happy New Year, A New Chapter Begins, 2012

Hel­lo every­one, and Hap­py New Year.  A cou­ple of house clean­ing items today on the first day of Jan­u­ary, 2012.  First, it was a fast year.  I can­not believe that 2011 year has flown by so quick­ly.  I can say that I cer­tain­ly did not... Read more