As I write this, it is getting later in the evening on July 4th.  I purposefully stayed in this evening to watch a special on HBO called “Citizen U.S.A.: A 50 State Road Trip,” on HBO.  It is a special where the producers drove through all 50 states asking asking legal immigrants why that came to the United States.  I have to be honest, it is a touching show.  Everyone interviewed are giving such compelling reasons, humanitarian reasons, governmental reasons, but ultimately, they all seem to have come here to be part of our country for freedom of choice and for freedom of opportunity.  They all implied they wanted to work hard and contribute.  To be good Americans.

It was humbling watching these lives start in the United States.  It was humbling hearing someone say that the United States saved her life.  These are things that many Americans take for granted, I think.  Not everyone, but enough for me to think about it and type it.

I was particularly moved by a Pakistani man who explained how his life changed when he no longer felt he had to sleep with a gun under his pillow, wonder what is happening outside his window, or wonder where water or food would come from next.  They have all taken the steps to become naturalized citizens.   Children and Adult alike.

The hour went by quickly, and I wish now that I had recorded it so that I can go back and watch it again.

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