Honestly, I have not been motivated to write recently.  I feel like work is consuming my life over the past several months.  Being in sales I am not surprised, but I feel like I am working harder longer hours for smaller rewards.  The question I ask myself, “am I working hard enough?”  I am wondering if this just seems to be the state of things in the world as well?  I know others that feel the same (not in sales).  Maybe I am just feeling negative because of everything I have been reading, watching, and listening to.  Recently, as it seems, I sort of feel like there is not much that can be done, and that the economy and our country is just on a downward spiral.  The passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was sort of the last straw for me, I think.

It was a demoralizing moment for me when life seems to mimic fantasy.  Or is that vice versa.  Fantasy (the movies) mimicking reality?  Either way, it was a surreal moment that depressed me to know that in disguise was a law that can imprison Americans without due process.  Personally unconstitutional.  I know you can’t have it all.  You want protection from domestic terrorism, you gotta give up something, however, the language is SO DAMN BROAD.

As for the state of the economy, the President wants to increase the debt ceiling another 1.2 trillion dollars?  What?  What?  What?  It makes me think about how my vote really has an impact? Doest it really have an impact today?  Seriously.  I did not vote for this President, but I am not sure that anyone would be doing any good, and the GOP candidates today, I am not sure I can even get behind.  Personally, any alternative is a better alternative; but is the alternative really better.  I have to keep a closer look on the GOP candidates.  Where is our Superman?  Into context, where is our Ronald Reagan?

Our Country’s political system is deeply flawed.  I feel like decisions that are being made in the white house are out of context and way out of touch with what the average American is looking for.  I no longer believe that the citizen’s rights are being looked out for.

I’m not a militant man, just angry, upset, concerned, and wondering why American patriotism, and love for one’s country has fallen to the wayside.  Has the next generation and segments of this generation become so jaded and entitled in their mentality that they do not believe in success?  My whole life has been watching people become successful or fall from success, and learning what I want and don’t want out of life.  A mundane life is not what anyone wants.  I always assumed the average person wanted some level of success, based on a hard working, honest, life.  Is this no longer the case?  Can someone please prove me wrong?  Laugh if you want, but I watched a special on TV several months ago about immigrant Americans who came here, legally, and achieved citizenship.  It was a documentary by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi.  I was blown away.  These people come here with and without their families, bust their asses to become citizens, legally, and say this is the best country in the world because of the opportunity.  There is even a book called Citizen USA by Alexandra Pelosi that I bought.  The stories are amazing.  These people love the United States of America?

Why do our citizens hate our free enterprise system?  Notice I didn’t say Democracy or Capitalism.  I am learning the differences… We live in a Republic and free enterprise system…  Did you know the word Capitalism was invented by Karl Marx to demonize the free enterprise system…  I may actually stop using the word altogether.  These are hard working people that want to be and are working towards being successful in their own ways.  I’m just sick of watching the average person get stomped on by their elected officials.  “Hope and Change” was the campaign slogan.  Many years ago, I learned that if you seriously have to “hope” something “changes” and if all you have left is “hope,” then it is already too late…  The people are no longer represented the way intended by the Bill of Rights or our Constitution. Decisions are made for political gain only… Sad.  Very sad.

And don’t even get me started about our international business practices…  Something has got to give?

So I ask, what or where is the answer?  What needs to change?  I’m sorry for the rant, and know it has been a while since there has been a consistant post, but life sometimes gets in the way of life, I have recently learned…

Please let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your views.

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