First, thanks to everyone for continuing to read and signing up for the list to get notified of new posts.  To that end , you have no doubt noticed a lack of new posts, with the exception of a few of my guest authors.  I thank them as well for their diligent work.

To my point.  I have been working hard.  Real hard.  It has taken me away from this blog for months.  It’s taken me away from some of my prepping as well.  It has taken me away from a lot of things.   The truth of the matter is, that I am trying to do a few things I want to share.

First, I’m trying to buy a house.  I’m trying to save as much money as I can possibly save to do so.  It’s the primary reason I am working so hard.  Second, I want to buy an additional piece of property as an additional BOL location.  And finally, I am making plans to increase preps in areas where I know I am weak.  As you can see, all are slightly inter-related.  Working hard is a requirement at this stage to make any of this a reality.  At the end of the day, literally, it has been difficult to think and write, even with a list of topics, it has made it very difficult.  And, unfortunately the writing has suffered.  On the flip side, I find myself in the car quite a bit these days, and it may be a good opportunity to dictate or even podcast once a week if the ambition strikes.

I’m not sure which form additional ideas, thoughts, and updates might take place, and I’m not sure if I have the mental capacity to continue pushing the blog forward.   There are a LOT of great blogs out there, and frankly I’m not sure what value I add in the sea of information that is already there.   That said, I will do my best, and if you, my readers have any suggestions on what to write or how to stay motivated, please let me know…

Now for the gear update.  As many of you know, I live in an apartment in NJ.  My place is filling up.  Literally.  Finding creative ways to hide gear, preps, and much more is becoming an issue.  Another reason for looking for a house to buy, or at least a “larger” place to live.  I have thought of trying to go the “minimalist” route, and purging myself of many of the items I have that I no longer use, and realize I do this every few months already anyway.  Yet, as for prepping and outdoor gear, I am loaded to the gills.  Some is redundant, and some is not.  I have mentioned before I am a rucksack junkie, and have several in my closets…  And, as I find myself having gear , I also find the requirement for the complimentary gear.  as an example, a propane camping stove, therefore I need a compliment of 1lb propane tanks to fuel it.  I cannot have just one 20 gallon propane tank on premise, because it is “considered” dangerous, therefore a violation of “code” to have it.  It is an ever growing issue, that I need to deal with.  The question then becomes, Stay, or Move?  Move or Stay?  A bigger place means putting out more money, and less to save for a house.  Not to mention getting locked into a lease for a year, and then having to move again.  I despise moving.

Maybe, just maybe, the answer is caching some stuff.  But where to cache it?  Do I cache it close by?  Do I cache it an hour away?  Do I cache them at the BOL(s)?  If I do I will have to standardize on a fixed amount of food at the apartment, and deal with the consequences if there is an emergency.  These are the questions I am burdoning myself with these days.  So, I am calling on you, my readers for some input.  It’s true, and as a thank you for your input I have several books I have acquired over the past year or three that I will give away to you, the reader as a thank you. How do you store your preps when things tart to overflow?

Give-away Criteria

So, here is what I have.  I have six books and two videos that I have perused/read in the past, and that are up for give away if you have not already read them.

  1. The idea is that I am looking for ideas on better ways to manage preps based on the statements above.  In return I have six books that I am giving away.
  2. Each winner will receive one book of my choosing or the video set.
  3. You must register with in order to comment, so feel free to do so to enter the contest.
  4. The winners, will be chosen at random (I’m not sure any other way to do it), and notified via email that they have one.  I’ll mail via USPS at my expense to anyone in North America.
  5. The winners will be chosen at random, August 15th, 2012.

Here are the books and videos I have for the contest:

  1. Ron Hood’s The Woodmaster, Urban Master Volume 1 and 2.  This is a two DVD set that I will ship as a set.  Learn more about them here:
  2. John Heatherly’s book, The Survival Template
  3. Jeff Cooper’s, Principles of Self Defense
  4. Martin Dougherty’s, Special Forces Unarmed Combat Guide
  5. Les Stroud’s, WIll to Live
  6. James Dakin’s, The Frugal Survivalist, disaster preparations for under $500.00
  7. Wilbur F. Eastman’s, A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing, & Smoking Meat, Fish, & Game (I actually have two of these and not sure how I procured both.  Giving one away).

Good luck and thanks for your input!


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