I actually have two of these.  One completely stock and the other has an AR stock on it which I am going to change out with a few 20 round magazines.  Both I bought off of GunsAmerica.com.   7.62 x 39 is a great round.  Good for hunting large game, and well, target shooting, etc.  I can tell you I like both of them, except the AR stock on the one.  That has to get replaced with a six position stock.

Both of these are very accurate weapons.  I don’t shoot them as much as I would like.  I think this is a good gun to own.  They are relatively inexpensive.  I procured both of mine for just about $300.00 – $350.00 or so each, and to me that was a bargain when I looked at the cost of some of the other weapons on the market.  These were my first foray into rifles fulfilling my preparedness goals.

I run Wolf ammunition through them.  Dirty round, but they seem to do the trick.  When I clean the rifles there is a TON of residue, but never get a jam.  The ammo is pretty inexpensive as well, even though prices have gone up on all ammo this past year.

As with the Henry reviews. I am not a professional gun reviewer so here are a few reviews I found online to give you a heads up as to the pros and cons of the rifle:

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