This is more a personal post than anything else… I have had a long week.  Traveled on business, and along with traveling for business came business dinners, entertaining, etc.  I am really tired, and could have slept until Saturday morning from last evening; or at least that is how it feels.  I could go to sleep now, but need to remind myself what I need to do this weekend.

That said, I have a few goals for the weekend:

  1. I need to repack and re-inventory my Bug Out Bag.  I pilfered through it to go camping some weeks ago, and now it is a mess.  I will post the inventory in another post after I go through it again.  I have also purchased some new MOLLE pouches to add to the bag, so I will enjoy experimenting with them.
  2. Re-inventory my food storage.
  3. Buy some plastic buckets and lids at Lowe’s or home depot to pack some of my food storage in with Oxygen Absorbers.  It will be good to get the food storage organized, as well as make it more compartmentalized and portable in the event I have to Bug Out for any reason and load everything up into my truck.
  4. Buy a #10 can or two of six grain cereal (I am going to attempt to make some bread in the coming week(s))
  5. Buy the ingredients to make the bread (use some of my existing flour in storage to rotate it out with new flour)
  6. Make a list of food storage holes that I have to fill and budget for those holes, and do some shopping within that budget.  Just knowing that I am putting future purchases for storage on a schedule makes me feel better about the storage.
  7. Research second harvest vegetables that I can start planting now and start the sprouting process from my new corder of heirloom seeds.
  8. Come up with a new budget and plan to pay off the rest of my bad debt (bad debt being credit card debt that I am making the monthly payments on, but want to accelerate).
  9. Play with my new Apple iPad and evaluate it’s use as a tool for survival and reference.  I will post a comprehensive review of this device in the coming week or so, and will be excited to get this out for everyone to read.
  10. Test a Bug Out Route if I can on Saturday afternoon if I can swing it… There is a Tractor Supply Store on this route so I may stop there as well.

In all it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I know some of it will be time consuming, but looking forward to being as productive as I can.

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