DIY — Old Fashioned Torch for Light

Please note that they are rel­a­tive­ly unsta­ble and should not be used for any­thing oth­er than emer­gency or nov­el­ty pur­pos­es. I.E. I do not sug­gest using these to be part of some sort of dun­geon themed room since they would prob­a­bly light your house on... Read more
My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

When I bought my iPhone last year, I quick­ly real­ized it had the poten­tial to be a sur­vival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camp­ing, hik­ing, and sur­vival” quick­ly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the... Read more

Two new books in my survival library

So I added two new books to my sur­vival library this week.  The first is “Prim­i­tive Skills and Crafts, An Out­doors­man­’s Guide to Shel­ters, Tools, Weapons, Track­ing, Sur­vival, and More”  It is to com­pli­ment my Back to Basics, and is paper­back, so... Read more