What is in your library of books pertaining to preparedness and survival?  I am not talking the stuff we download as we find it online, but the ones that you went out and purchased to read and put on the shelf to reference every once in a while to keep up on skills or to refresh yourself on a certain topic you may or may not have the time to practice?

I ask because I picked up a used book this week called “The Well-Fed Backpacker,” and while skimming the pages, I realized it was full of backpacking recipes that were for those on the go in the bush. However, it was also obvious to me, these were great easy to prepare bug in/bug out recipes that could be prepared and stored (shrink wrapped in your food saver with an oxygen absorber) and you would have a full cache of home made on the cheap MREs that were highly nutritious, filling, and full of calories to keep you going. I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book if you are in the outdoors a lot. I know I am going to make a lot of reference to it, and test many of the recipes this summer. It will add a LOT of variety to my existing food storage.

So that said my small library consists of:

Books that are on my list to buy (I have used both and have been told by those that know what they are doing to use both of these books together as a system for identifying wild edibles by Practical Primitive where I took a wild edibles workshop last year):

My purchased library is pretty small, but my digital library is rather extensive, as I am sure many have a large digital library as well.  You can download most field manuals for free.

I will post my electronic library contents in the near future.

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