What is in your library of books per­tain­ing to pre­pared­ness and sur­vival?  I am not talk­ing the stuff we down­load as we find it online, but the ones that you went out and pur­chased to read and put on the shelf to ref­er­ence every once in a while to keep up on skills or to refresh your­self on a cer­tain top­ic you may or may not have the time to prac­tice?

I ask because I picked up a used book this week called “The Well-Fed Back­pack­er,” and while skim­ming the pages, I real­ized it was full of back­pack­ing recipes that were for those on the go in the bush. How­ev­er, it was also obvi­ous to me, these were great easy to pre­pare bug in/bug out recipes that could be pre­pared and stored (shrink wrapped in your food saver with an oxy­gen absorber) and you would have a full cache of home made on the cheap MREs that were high­ly nutri­tious, fill­ing, and full of calo­ries to keep you going. I high­ly rec­om­mend get­ting your hands on a copy of this book if you are in the out­doors a lot. I know I am going to make a lot of ref­er­ence to it, and test many of the recipes this sum­mer. It will add a LOT of vari­ety to my exist­ing food stor­age.

So that said my small library con­sists of:

Books that are on my list to buy (I have used both and have been told by those that know what they are doing to use both of these books togeth­er as a sys­tem for iden­ti­fy­ing wild edi­bles by Prac­ti­cal Prim­i­tive where I took a wild edi­bles work­shop last year):

My pur­chased library is pret­ty small, but my dig­i­tal library is rather exten­sive, as I am sure many have a large dig­i­tal library as well.  You can down­load most field man­u­als for free.

I will post my elec­tron­ic library con­tents in the near future.

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