Eton FR150 Angle View

Eton FR150 rechargeable flashlight / radio

So, this week I realized I didn’t have a radio in my Bug-Out-Bag, or one that I could take camping with me.  I set out to find something that could be used in an emergency situation, as well as everyday if I wanted to.  What I found was a small handheld, solar rechargeable, crank  chargeable radio with weather band as well as AM/FM.  What I found when it arrived was something better than I had expected.    It was smaller than I had expected, and literally almost fits in the palm of my hand, has surprisingly good reception with the small antenna, and the speaker is much better than i had expected.  The exterior top has a flashlight switch and the solar cell on it to recharge the battery.  If you are in a low light situation, you can crank the handle to recharge the batteries.  I find this to be an excellent little radio/survival device.

ETON is the manufacturer, however, I had not heard of them before.  I decided to purchase this anyway, and found out that the American Red Cross endorses this radio as well and sell it online too.

Basically, I purchased this to throw in my BoB or to throw in my car for camping, hiking, etc.  It seems rugged, and well constructed for the $30.00 cost.  The battery seems to last, although i really have not put it through its paces yet, or have had to charge it via the solar cell.  It does have a USB port to charge it, so I can charge it with my IPOD charger in the car, as well if needed.  Overall, I think this is a good purchase because of its portability and quality build.

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