Out Of Milk (A Product Review)

by ST August 2, 2011 Food

How do you track your preps? That is, how do you know exactly: What you have on hand? Where it is stored? What is the quantity status? And then, how do you determine what needs to be stocked/restocked? Where to get it? Preppers use a variety of mechanisms to track and plan there preps. Some […]

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Get SHTF Weather Alerts Via Email or SMS/Text Message

by suburban August 19, 2010 Iphone/Smartphone

So, while at a conference in NYC yesterday, I met an asset management guy that invests in domain names and unique business models behind them.  One of them was Alerts.com.  Alerts.com is a service that will alert you to a situation or issue that you want to be reminded of.  I thought it was a […]

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The iPad as a Modern Survival Device

by suburban July 26, 2010 EDC

Huh?  The iPad as a Modern Survival Device?  Really?  Yup.  Let me explain a little.  First, I’m in the Internet business.  Not going to get into a lot of that now, but I want to give you some perspective on why I say that.  Second, I am a gadget guy.  I suppose that is typical. […]

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My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

by suburban June 20, 2010 Books

When I bought my iPhone last year, I quickly realized it had the potential to be a survival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camping, hiking, and survival” quickly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the ‘best ones for me’ at the moment.  They may […]

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