So, while at a conference in NYC yesterday, I met an asset management guy that invests in domain names and unique business models behind them.  One of them was is a service that will alert you to a situation or issue that you want to be reminded of.  I thought it was a unique business model… Then it hit me.  SHTF alerts for severe weather, and other issues… It is free to sign up, and I just set myself up an account to get alerts for severe weather, the threat of flood, and storm watch.  You can also set up multiple locations where you think you will be or need to be, such as your BOL.

I think the service is in it’s infancy yet, but I can see this being used by myself to be alerted when out in the bush for severe weather conditions and more in the future…  I will now get critical alerts on my iPhone, but the service will work on any phone.

To me, this type of a service lends itself to preparedness and I thought I would share.

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