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Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

by Prepperjim November 9, 2011 Barter

I recently heard of a man called Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre from Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast. Ferfal is from Argentina and has lived through their economic crash from December 2001 until today. He wrote a booked about his experience called Surviving The Economic Collapse. He also has a blog called The Modern Survivalist. I […]

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It’s All About the Jobs

by Prepperjim November 2, 2011 Civil Unrest

I read this article and became really concerned, frightened even. The figures from payroll taxes reported to the Social Security Administration on jobs and pay are, in a word, awful. Even more alarming is this graph with the title “Fewer Jobs, Less Pay”: http:[email protected]/6273282342/ And from the rest of the article: More significantly, the number of people […]

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Euro Fails, Europe Fails

by Prepperjim October 28, 2011 Economy

I read this news story and don’t know what to think. Here is the money quote. “Nobody should take for granted another 50 years of peace and prosperity in Europe. They are not for granted. That’s why I say: If the euro fails, Europe fails,” Merkel said, followed by a long applause from all political […]

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Gold: A Misunderstood Metal

by ST October 11, 2011 Economy

With the remarkable rise in the price of gold over the last 2 years (as of writing this) as well as the apparent uncertainties, even declines, in more traditional icons of American economic prowess the yellow metal has once again come to the forefront of interest by both preppers and individual investors. Add to that […]

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The Price of Money To Come

by suburban April 28, 2011 Gold and Silver

I’m not sure if that is a good title, but I am using it anyway… Several months ago, I priced silver, on a per ounce basis.  It was $31.00 and change.  I thought, Hmmm. I should buy some silver.  I disregarded… I few weeks later I looked at the price of silver again.  (I don’t […]

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