June 2009

My new emergency radio

by suburban June 17, 2009 Gear

So, this week I realized I didn’t have a radio in my Bug-Out-Bag, or one that I could take camping with me.  I set out to find something that could be used in an emergency situation, as well as everyday if I wanted to.  What I found was a small handheld, solar rechargeable, crank  chargeable […]

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Home made fire sticks

by suburban June 13, 2009 Cooking

Every time I go camping I make sure I stop at the outdoor store and pick up some quick start fire sticks.  Generally, they are not expensive, and help to make starting the fire a breeze.  But what if there were no store.  What if it were a situation where my survival depends upon creating heat, […]

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Taking action on being prepared

by suburban June 13, 2009 Energy

Tonight after cleaning my guns, relaxing a little bit, and having some dinner, I got on one of the survival forums that I am a member of.  I was looking up gardening information and found quite a few resources, downloaded some docs, and came across this post, which was published in 2007 by a member […]

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Business travel, EDC, and Having a Comfort Level

by suburban June 10, 2009 EDC

I am getting on a plane today for a job interview. Over the past several months I have been preparing for an emergency of sorts, I have done little plane travel. Prior to this time, I used to do a lot of traveling. Most of my business trips are/have been on a plane. Today for […]

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My first attempt at Hard Tack Survival Bread

by suburban June 6, 2009 Cooking

Well, late this afternoon, after trying to concentrate on reading my US Army Survial Manual I just couldn’t focus.  So I decided to try my hand at Hard Tack.   For those of you who do not know, Hard Tack is a rock hard bread made of water, flour, and a little salt.  After being baked, […]

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In the beginning; my first look at being a survivalist. I am clearly a neophyte…

by suburban June 6, 2009 Preparedness

Interestingly, while working in Midtown Manhattan for an Internet company in early 2009 I began to have the overwhelming feeling that I was too connected.  Too in touch with technology, and that I was missing something in my life.  It wasn’t spiritual (more on this later), it wasn’t necessarily religious, and I just couldn’t put […]

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