Tonight after cleaning my guns, relaxing a little bit, and having some dinner, I got on one of the survival forums that I am a member of.  I was looking up gardening information and found quite a few resources, downloaded some docs, and came across this post, which was published in 2007 by a member there.  UPDATE:  I completely lifted this from the forum, likely against forum policy, but even reading it again today, it still is good common preparedness sense.

I thought I would share as it is about taking action on being prepared:

“Just a few observations coupled with an opinion here. Preparedness is not difficult, the hardest part being to just start doing it if you haven’t started yet. The clock is ticking. It is great to have grandiose plans to buy land “someday”, to build windmills for power “someday”, to get the fanciest gear “someday”, or to buy cases of expensive freeze dried food “someday”. You may well be caught with everything in the planning stages.

The basic items are the core of any preparedness plan. Grab that huge sack of rice the next time you are in the grocery store. Don’t plan on it or think about it, just do it. Once you get it home and it is staring you in the face and underfoot all the time, you will eventually store it properly. In the meantime you have ownership of it. If food deliveries are suddenly shut down and you are still thinking about it, you will have much company. Good intentions means you go hungry. If you can’t afford a years supply of food now, don’t start saving up for getting it “someday”. Lay in as many canned goods as you can now. No, it ain’t freeze dried and won’t last for 30 years but you will have it now. Grocery stores are the first thing to be mobbed. Happens all the time here when a blizzard is forecast. Same goes for water.

If you have a firearm, any firearm, get some extra ammunition now. Maybe it is a poor excuse for a MBR or maybe it is a single shot 410 shotgun, but it is what you have now. Ammo is expensive. Get what you can now. Think of the regret you may feel someday that you didn’t get that extra box of ammo because you was saving up to get a case at a better price “someday”. Planning on a rifle “someday”? If all you can get right now is a Mosin or an SKS, do it. A home invader is not going to mock your rifle because it is not a tricked out AR with all the bells and whistles, or taunt you because it only cost $150. He will not be frightened if you confront him with a picture of the MBR that you may have “someday”.

If you can afford a generator, get it now. For the life of me I cannot understand why everyone does not have one. Yeah, they take the “F” word (fuel). If your windmills, battery banks, and solar panels are “in the works”, you will be joining the throngs at the local shelter during the next long term power outage. A generator at the ready means you are unaffected by the most common event that should be prepared for. We have just experienced long term power outage #4 since Christmas. I took a ride on the ATV to see if others had lost their power. All dwellings I stopped at were abandoned, they went to relatives and shelters as they always do. Rural area, go figure! Can’t afford a big one? Get a small one. It will run your furnace blower and some light bulbs. Don’t have a 50 gazillion underground fuel storage tank but are planning one “someday”? Store a couple of gas cans now. No, it is not perfect but you have actually done something.

Do the best you can with what you have now. It’s fine to plan on the exotic stuff “someday” but not at the expense of immediate preparations. When things go down it will most likely be without warning. It can be discouraging for the individual just starting out to read the threads created by those who have practiced preparedness for years and have the best gear money can buy. I just fear for those who are constantly “on hold” and planning without any sense of urgency. The smallest thing you do now puts you in a class far above most people. Most do nothing but hold everyone else accountable. Irresponsible, to themselves, their loved ones, and their community. I think that it was the old Nike sneaker commercial that always said “Just do it”. Any disagreements are, as always, welcomed and are encouraged. Thank you.”

I thought it was pretty well thought out, and thorough.  I also found a post on being prepared to spend only $5.00 per week if you are tight on cash.  I will post about that in the coming days.

UPDATE:  It’s all about execution.  Executing your plan to be prepared…  I have succeeded and failed here.  Meaning, I have a pool, but no water storage (I don’t feel your pool should be your water storage, albeit, it doubles for water storage).   I have long-term food stored, but not the ideal conditions for long-term food storage, etc.  I guess the point is, don’t hesitate.  Conditions don’t have to be perfect, just execute.  This goes for building skills whether they are cooking your long-term food storage, taking a first aid class, taking a combative(s) class, or learning to hunt.  All of these skills can be and are critical to preparedness

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