Hard Tack fresh from the oven...

Hard Tack fresh from the oven…

Well, late this afternoon, after trying to concentrate on reading my US Army Survival Manual I just couldn’t focus.  So I decided to try my hand at Hard Tack.   For those of you who do not know, Hard Tack is a rock hard bread made of water, flour, and a little salt.  After being baked, it is as hard as a brick.  It is great for camping and is a good survival food because it stays well, and is easily portable.

Hard Tack was extremely simple to make.  I found a couple of recipes below that I thought might be good for those of you that want to give it a try.

Eating Hard Tack, as I found out the hard way is NOT to bite down on it…  You can literally chip or break a tooth.  It is meant to be ground up and you can reuse it to cook, make pancakes, etc…  You can dip/crumble it in soup, tea, or coffee as a hearty snack or meal.  Reconstitute it with water to make it pliable for cooking.

Let it air dry for about 24 hours after cooking.  Do not store it in a plastic container or plastic bag, however, because any moisture that is still in the bread will mold and ruin your bread.  It is best stored in a paper bag or out in the open air so that any additional moisture can evaporate from it.  Left in a plastic bag or out in the open, your Hard Tack should last for months.

I found several recipes for Hard Tack that you can try yourself:


Next Hard Tack attempt… I will try making it next to or over a fire with my mess kit.  That should be interesting…

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