Ken over at and I have trad­ed a cou­ple of emails late­ly…  I think his posts are well thought out and well researched.  Today he had a post that I thought was per­fect for you urban and sub­ur­ban dwellers like myself.  The post is on what the safe dis­tance might be for you to have a Bug Out Loca­tion or retreat from your urban or sub­ur­ban loca­tion.

Ken men­tioned 150 miles.  While I think 150 miles may be a nice sweet spot for most loca­tions, it real­ly isn’t for NYC and North­ern NJ.  The rea­son I say that is 100 — 150 miles inland from NJ and NYC loca­tions are some sec­ondary home mar­kets where peo­ple from NYC, Philadel­phia, and NJ have sum­mer homes (if you are going north or north­east from the men­tioned loca­tions).   These homes are going to be the imme­di­ate tar­gets of their own­ers if there is a SHTF sit­u­a­tion.  There are some remote areas in or just beyond the area that may make sense, but you would have to know the area to find them.  In fact, I know that many of the areas where those homes exist the pop­u­la­tion more than dou­bles in the late spring and sum­mer months.  If any­thing were to hap­pen (SHTF), and peo­ple migrat­ed to those homes, the local areas could not han­dle the pop­u­la­tion increase.  i.e. gro­cery stores, farms, etc.  Civ­il unrest would ensue after just a cou­ple of weeks, I have no doubt.  This would be espe­cial­ly true if refugees and locusts start­ed to pop­u­late the area look­ing for food and shel­ter.

If you would like to read the post on, you can click here to read it.

For those read­ing this that do not know, I am a huge advo­cate of bug­ging out ear­ly when liv­ing in the Sub(urban) envi­ron­ment.  This is espe­cial­ly true if your Bug Out Loca­tion is stocked with the sup­plies that you need to be self suf­fi­cient with your fam­i­ly…  Bug­ging out ear­ly will also help to avoid the mass­es of unpre­pared that will be on the road stuck in traf­fic (as indi­cat­ed in the post on

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