Ken over at and I have traded a couple of emails lately…  I think his posts are well thought out and well researched.  Today he had a post that I thought was perfect for you urban and suburban dwellers like myself.  The post is on what the safe distance might be for you to have a Bug Out Location or retreat from your urban or suburban location.

Ken mentioned 150 miles.  While I think 150 miles may be a nice sweet spot for most locations, it really isn’t for NYC and Northern NJ.  The reason I say that is 100 – 150 miles inland from NJ and NYC locations are some secondary home markets where people from NYC, Philadelphia, and NJ have summer homes (if you are going north or northeast from the mentioned locations).   These homes are going to be the immediate targets of their owners if there is a SHTF situation.  There are some remote areas in or just beyond the area that may make sense, but you would have to know the area to find them.  In fact, I know that many of the areas where those homes exist the population more than doubles in the late spring and summer months.  If anything were to happen (SHTF), and people migrated to those homes, the local areas could not handle the population increase.  i.e. grocery stores, farms, etc.  Civil unrest would ensue after just a couple of weeks, I have no doubt.  This would be especially true if refugees and locusts started to populate the area looking for food and shelter.

If you would like to read the post on, you can click here to read it.

For those reading this that do not know, I am a huge advocate of bugging out early when living in the Sub(urban) environment.  This is especially true if your Bug Out Location is stocked with the supplies that you need to be self sufficient with your family…  Bugging out early will also help to avoid the masses of unprepared that will be on the road stuck in traffic (as indicated in the post on

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