I have been research­ing food for stor­age.  How­ev­er, I have been research­ing food for stor­age that I will actu­al­ly use, because I do not want to waste any mon­ey on buy­ing food that will just sit in the can or con­tain­er and get no use at all.  It just seems like a waste of mon­ey to do that to me.  In fact what is the use of buy­ing dehy­drat­ed or freeze dried foods if you are not going to use them and learn what prop­er­ties they have for mak­ing tasty meals?  I mean, let’s be seri­ous for a moment.  Who do you think will fare bet­ter; the per­son that buys the food stor­age and nev­er uses it, or the per­son that buys it, and learns what prop­er­ties each prod­uct has and what makes a fast nutri­tious meal?

One of the rea­sons for this is that I even­tu­al­ly want to dehy­drate a LOT of my own veg­eta­bles, etc.  but have the need to start some­where, and I also want to buy grains that are already crushed, cut and/or rolled so that I can exper­i­ment with them in the kitchen mak­ing things like gra­nola, trail mix, cere­al, my own mul­ti-grain bread, etc.  I think these will be invalu­able exper­i­ments for me and is an area that is impor­tant.  If there’s no bread at the gro­cery store, hav­ing a way to impro­vise is going to be of the ulti­mate impor­tance to me.  I like to eat! 🙂

It may be a cou­ple of weeks before I get to do this (up to four) as I am try­ing to lim­it some spend­ing.  I just made a major pur­chase this week to have a new tool to play with and use as a sur­vival tool if I need­ed to.  I bought an Ipad, par­tial­ly so I can trans­fer all my or many of my sur­vival books to it, as well as all of my PDFs that I down­loaded on sur­vival top­ics.  This way I can have my whole library with me when I trav­el for busi­ness… I will review the Ipad as a mod­ern sur­vival device for sub­ur­ban­ites short­ly…

I also have plans to buy a camp stove, and will exper­i­ment with that I will be cook­ing in and will be post­ing on that in the future as well.

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