Bug Out Location

You’re NOT Welcome Here!

by suburban December 31, 2013 Bug Out

This is what hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who own property in the New York Catskill mountain area were told in 2011. Local residents as well as state police turned legal property owners away from access to their land in the fall of that year. But allow me to digress for a moment before the […]

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Thoughts on a Storage Unit as a Fallback Shelter or Bug Out Location

by suburban May 17, 2012 Bug Out

This is a response to @Alex516 who asked the following question, which made me think a little deeper on the subject, and I thought it would make a good post: @Alex516 asked: “I’d be curious about your thoughts for using a storage unit as a layover. I’m thinking about caching some supplies in one on […]

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Examining the Requirement for Multiple Short Term Bug Out Locations

by suburban April 15, 2012 Bug Out

Recently. I have been looking for a BOL property again. I have had several conversations with other preppers about going in on property together, alone, etc. Then I examine my geography and demographic, and it hit me… I live in a highly populated low self sufficiency demographic and geography. I need more than one Bug […]

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And Then There Was a Dinner Meeting

by suburban October 31, 2011 Bug In

Last week, I had dinner with three other preppers.  One was new, and the two others I have been in touch with for some time.  We all live in Northern NJ, and are concerned with the economy, job growth, Bugging In, Bugging Out, etc.  The conversation twisted and turned in many directions.  We talked about […]

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Rural Land for Bug Out Location: A Response to Suburban

by ST September 20, 2011 Bug Out

This article is a response to Suburban’s May 31st article “Thinking About Buying Rural Land for Your Bug Out Location”. A good article certainly. I too have been looking into the possibility of buying some undeveloped (“raw” as Suburban puts it) land, both as a BOL and simply a second get-a-way home for the family. […]

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Bug Out Trigger Criteria

by Mr-Jones July 29, 2011 Bug Out

This is a guest post by a new contributing Author Mr-Jones.  Mr-Jones and I know each other primarily from Facebook, and some of the same forums, and have become fast friends, online.  I have asked him to contribute when he can, and I greatly appreciate it.  Please welcome him…  What exactly would it take to […]

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A Review of “Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution” by M.D. Creekmore

by suburban July 13, 2011 Books

So, I finally had time to sit down and read M.D. Creekmore’s book, “Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution.”  I’ve actually had the book for sometime, but have been so busy just have not had the time to read it.  The book itself is short, and not full of fluff once you start digging into it. […]

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First Look at a Potential Bug Out Location Property

by suburban July 11, 2011 Bug Out Location

Over the past year, I have written several posts on Bug Out Locations.  They discuss simple things such as my thoughts, shelters, how stocked they should be, purchasing them, etc. If you have not read them, here they are: My Thoughts on a Bug Out Location Build a Portable Yurt for a Shelter at Your […]

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Extensive Traveling and Bug Out Location Hunting

by suburban June 29, 2011 Bug Out Location

Hey everyone, just an FYI, as I write this from a hotel room in way upstate NY state this evening. I am going to be traveling extensively over the next three weeks for personal reasons over the  and for work, and I may not have the time to write as much as I would like […]

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A Look Back At a Katrina Experience… An Expereinced Prepper Tells All

by suburban June 17, 2011 Bug Out

It should be noted, that this was sent to me by a friend yesterday.  I did not write this, and neither did he, rather it comes from a prepper who evacuated LA and posted this story in a forum (www.zombiehunters.org).  It is a chronicle of what worked for him and his family and what did not in […]

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