On Mon­day, I read this incred­i­ble sto­ry of a woman sur­viv­ing in the Neva­da wilder­ness:

 For 49 days, Rita Chre­tien wait­ed for a mir­a­cle.

Her hus­band had ven­tured off to get help three days after their mini­van got strand­ed off-road in the cold, untamed Neva­da wilder­ness.

That left Rita alone with­out much beyond some hard can­dy, a long-ago emp­tied bag of trail mix, some books and the clothes she’d packed for her trip to Las Vegas.

This mid­dle-aged woman was entire­ly unpre­pared and com­plete­ly lost. With only snow to drink, lit­tle food, and no way to make a fire, she sur­vived 49 days, alone.  More from the sto­ry.

“It is unusu­al for us to see some­one in this type of sit­u­a­tion to actu­al­ly not only sur­vive, but to be doing so well at this time,” said West­ber­ry. “She obvi­ous­ly had the mind­set of sur­vival, and that must have been some­thing that helped her go as long as she did.”

To me, this line sums it up:

Her spir­its and evi­dent desire to live, he said, were even bet­ter.

She had an extreme will to live and that is what car­ried her 49 days. Just think that what peo­ple with min­i­mum prepa­ra­tions such as water, food, map, com­pass, first aid shel­ter and a way to make a fire could do?

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