I started this last night, but was so tired, I just couldn’t finish it…

Batteries: This is a simple one, right?  Everyone thinks so.  Heck, I think so.  I sort of pride myself on keeping on top of things even if I let them slip.  Well, I let them slip.  It was my first weekend of spring camping.  In my leisure time while camping, I got the chance to start reading M.D. Creekmore’s new book Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution.  I’ll review that one in a few days.  Back to the post at hand…  In my truck, I keep a couple of flashlights.  A Maglite and one of those 9 LED lamp flashlights that runs on three “triple A” batteries.  I pretty much take them for granted because they are there.  I use them on camping trips, and honestly, have not changed the batteries in a couple of years. i.e. I reiterate, I take them for granted.

As stated, I was out on my first spring camping trip… It was a last minute decision to go, and I was nowhere near home.  I knew I had just enough gear in my truck, and hey, I wasn’t worried about a thing.  Then it happened.  It got dark.  Hmm.  Off to the truck to pull out the Maglite.  Click when the switch, and no light came out.  Hmmm… Dead batteries.  Not to worry, I have a 9 LED flashlight.  That’ll work.  Well, nope, it didn’t work.  I ended up using the little emergency LED EDC flashlight on my keyring all weekend.  I could have jumped in the truck to head to the store several miles away, but I thought it a good opportunity to see if I could get by.

Now, the lesson?  No matter how good you think your batteries are going to perform, change them.  Change them once a year.  Had I done this, both my flashlights would have worked fine.

Now, that said, What batteries do you use?  How do you store them for the long term?  Which batteries are best to use?  Based on my research, this is what I found out about batteries…

Here is some interesting information about batteries for storage:

How often do you change your batteries?

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